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BUMPER Dermalogica Review: My Honest Thoughts*

This post has been a long time coming but after a very extended break from my blog, here it finally is. Today I am talking skincare. Since the beginning of the year, I've been using one skincare brand nearly exclusively and that my friends, is Dermalogica.

Their advent calendar was all over my Instagram feed throughout the month of December and I was desperate to try these products that were so highly recommended. I popped the starter pack on my Christmas list and was delighted to find it under the tree on the 25th.

If you aren't familiar with the sets, they include a host of travel-size products which are designed to kickstart your skincare routine, depending on your skin type. I have the normal to dry skin set and I shared some shots of it over on my Instagram. The peeps over at the Dermalogica HQ saw and contacted me offering to send some more things for me to try and naturally, I accepted!

This post provides a lowdown on the products inside the original set I was bought, as well as some things I was gifted too - for full disclosure. Read on, to find out how I found them...


And now I understand the benefit of the double cleanse...
I kicked off with this product, because I think it's the most revolutionary for me. I've never tried, nor seen anything like it but I love the whole concept.
You apply this all over your face, then wet your hands and rub your face again, before rinsing it all off. It literally feels as though the makeup and any other impurities sitting on your skin are just melting away. It has been specifically formulated to remove even the toughest waterproof makeup and suncream, which is nothing short of a godsend in the hotter weather. Anyone else hate how thick some brands of sunscreen can feel on your face?
For such a hardworking product, this one is incredibly gentle and something which impressed me from the very first time I picked this up. After each use, my skin feels incredibly clear and fresh and even as I am writing this, I want to go and use it!

Special Cleansing Gel

Following your precleanse, it is time to go in with the gel. This cleanser is different to others I have used before in terms of application.
To start, you squirt the gel on to wet fingertips, then rub it on your dampened face and throat, working it into a lather, before rinsing it off. It felt a bit unusual to be cleansing without a cloth, but great too! You can't get much more sustainable than using your own bare hands, so it is a really great product in that respect.
In terms of performance, much like the precleanse, this is impressive. It is invigorating, yet by no means harsh and afterwards, my skin doesn't feel less hydrated, which I have found to be an issue with other cleansers in the past. 

Multi-Active Toner

Post cleanse, you go in with the toner. This comes in a spray bottleso you can spritz it all over your face. It is very low maintenance and while I can't say that this has particularly stood out against the other things I have tried, it is really refreshing and is supposed to help your skin really absorb moisture better.

Gentle Cream Exfoliant

An exfoliating masque, this gently removes dead skin cells while also having a smoothing effect. Not intended for use every day, this can be added into your routine a couple of times a week, to keep your skin in tip top condition.
Once applied, leave on for around 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. As you are washing the cream away, you are also working the little beads into your skin that little bit more, boosting the exfoliation.
This is an effective little two in one product: a relaxing mask and a handy exfoliator which is super kind to skin. As well as seeing off dead skin cells, this helps to improve skin renewal and soothes it at the same time.

I have also been using the Daily Microfoliant. It's comes in powder form and you then mix it with water to make it into a paste. A kind of DIY exfoliator if you like. I prefer the cream exfoliant for travelling as its a no mess product, but what its great about this one is how you can make it to your specification. I tend to make a thicker paste (more powder, less water) if I feel like my skin needs a bit of extra brightening.

Skin Smoothing Cream

A light, non-sticky really wearable moisturiser. The formula is fantastic; it glides onto the skin and doesn't feel greasy in the slightest. A real bonus for me!
This is as comfortable when you apply it in the morning before makeup, as it is when you apply it in the evening before bed and it's very buildable too. It is worth noting that there isn't any spf in this product so, if you wear going to wear it instead of any foundation - perhaps in summer - you would need to make sure you were taking extra care in the sun. And if you are looking for an spf...

Prisma Protect spf30

I was slightly overwhelmed when I first got my hands on this product. To say it sounds a bit clever is an understatement!
So, introducing the new light-activated moisturiser. Prisma Protect has intelligent drone technology, which uses UV light to boost the skin's natural glow. The Dermalogica website describes it as teeny micro capsules which release ingredients such as chlorella vulgaris (algae) directly into the cells in your skin.

Skinperfect Primer

Following on from the topic of protecting your skin in the sun, this product does have spf - 30 in fact.
The formula of this product is quite velvety and reminds me a little bit of the Benefit Porefessional, which I am a huge fan of. These types of primers work much better for my skin and I personally think form a better base for your makeup. I don't like primers that make my face too glossy as it makes my foundation feel heavier and stickier on my face. I've found that this one levels my skin a bit better, so it's ready for makeup.
The primer is designed to make your makeup wear better and last longer. I can't say that I have noticed a huge difference in this area, but have still found this to be a good product.

Intensive Eye Repair 

For me, this is the showstopper. When I am feeling tired or run down, you only have to glance at my eyes to tell. From an eye cream, I want something that 'peps me up' a little in this area, rehydrates and conceals my fatigue.
This product fits the bill. I've tried eye products before that prove to be refreshing, but not much beyond that. This really smooths and moisturises the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines. I feel better for having used this and my makeup always applies much more easily after having used it.

On the whole, I have been so impressed by the Dermalogica goodies that I have used - and I am keen to widen my horizons by trying more. It's rare that you come across a brand that is so consistent in producing such high quality products, that boast great results.
If you haven't sampled any of their ranges, I would recommend giving them a whirl. The price point is a little bit higher, but when you are buying professional salon products, which last incredibly well and leave your skin in tip top condition, it certainly seems reasonable.

If you are a fan of Dermalogica, I would love to know which are your favourites in the comments below!

*Some items featured in this blog post were gifted (#skinfluencer).

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