Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Buying Your Wedding Dress

Once we had finalised the date of our wedding and where it was taking place, the next big thing on my to do list was to buy my dress.

Online I saw so many different recommendations about how early you should shop for it. In the end, I found my perfect gown around 6 months before the wedding and it was one of the things I’ve been happiest to tick off!

Aside from the fact it was amazing to find ‘The One’, I also felt like there was an incessant ticking clock reverberating through my brain as I was hunting it down, and finding it felt like I had finally found the battery slot and ripped them right out. 

The pressure lifted and the nightmares of me waking up on my wedding day and tearing through my wardrobe for something to wear dissipated. Thankfully. 

Tracking down your dream gown can be overwhelming and, when it comes to tackling that task, I have a couple of pointers... 

Don’t expect it to ‘The One’ to be the best one

I’ve heard of people going into the first shop, putting on the first dress, falling in love with it and settling on it right there and then.

That wasn’t the case for me. In fact, ‘The One’ for me was about dress 22. I have never been someone who fantasised about what my wedding dress would look like and so it wasn’t until I started looking at magazines that I began to get an idea. 

That idea then changed twice. And then I got to the shop and that idea changed again. 

It isn’t until you start trying them on that you really get a clear feel of what you like the look of or what suits you and definitely don’t be disheartened if it takes you a couple of tries to get the one that is right. 

Don’t be afraid to try on styles you hadn’t considered

My mum and bridesmaids pointed out dresses that I hadn’t even thought of putting on but when I did, found myself totally surprised. 

Sure you know your body shape and your own ideas, but you may not always be right! As well as that, it’s pretty good fun to see yourself in lots of different styles because after all, you’re only going to get the opportunity once! 

Do take lots of photos

I’ve said before that I have a wedding scrapbook and once the big day has been, I’m going to stick in all the photos of the dresses I tried before I find my own. I think it’ll be really lovely to look back and see how my ideas changed in what o was trying.

It’s also really funny to look back at the stark contrast between my facial expressions when I had some ‘ok’ dresses on, to when I had THE dress on. My Maid Of Honour snapped me the moment it clicked that I found it and my face had completely lit up!

Don’t show your dress to everyone

This is personal preference but only a very small number of people have seen my dress. 

There’s a real temptation to tell people about the big event that you are spending months of your life planning, but I want there to be surprises for our guests. That extends to them not having a clue what it is I will be rocking up in. 

Don’t forget to wear good underwear!

Wedding dresses are not the easiest to get into so there will be a stylist on hand to help you in and zip you up. Taking that into consideration, I made sure to wear my freshly purchased bra and pant set and I felt much more confident in that too. 

It’s probably not the day to whip out any bright patterned numbers - but each to their own!