Wednesday, September 12, 2018

5 Things You Don't Expect To Happen When You Get Engaged

It's been four months since Ben popped the big question and we officially became ENGAGED. It's been such an exciting time, a little bit of a whirlwind and I can't believe that in just over 8 months time we will officially be Mr and Mrs. Eek!

While we have always talked about getting married, Ben did shock me with his romantic proposal and I never really thought about how it would feel to be engaged. Aside from it being really great, obviously, there have been a few things that I didn't expect to happen too as well...

You begin looking at your hand 54237 times a day

I think I have checked my hand more since getting engaged than I have in my whole life. At the beginning I would convince myself that I couldn't feel my ring anymore, that it had dropped off and then feel my stomach lurch as I went to touch it and find... it was still sitting perfectly comfortably on my finger. Fool.

Aside from that, it's also been a real novelty to just stare at my new bit of jewellery because it's just so sparkly and twinkly and yeah, you get the idea!

You realise you actually don't like the term 'fiancé'

It's a word I have heard so many times in the past and I figured it would be one I would just snap into using. I thought maybe I would feel a little bit more grown up with a 'fiancĂ©' rather than a 'boyfriend'. But you know what? The 'f' word is one I just really don't like using. 

I was discussing with Ben the other day and we both agreed that it just feels like a really bizarre word to say - though admittedly neither of were completely clear on why.

Pinterest becomes your new favourite app

I've always had a lot of love for Pinterest but that has grown tenfold since we started planning our wedding. Recently, I discovered that you could make sections within boards that you had created and now I have quite an impressive fifteen sitting under 'Wedding'.

Possibly, it would be fair to say I am just a smidge addicted to pinning and whats more I am totally ok with it. It's proven to be the perfect resource for visualising some of our ideas and getting inspired and thank goodness this beautiful little app is in my life. 

You start to question how you know so many people

We started working out a guest list reasonably early in the planning stages because we felt like we needed to have this drafted before we could start looking around for our venue. 

It was only when we started to put it together that we realised just how many people we know! When you tot up the school friends, the uni friends, the work friends and add these on top of your mutual friends and family members, before you know it the number of people you want to invite to your big day has snowballed!

We are blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives and while we would love to invite everyone, we're also really set on having a small intimate wedding and with that, we have had to be a little ruthless. So here's hoping that all of the aforementioned wonderful people in our lives totally get it and still love us after the invites go out!

You realise that you really like your surname

It was only when I started to consider my name changing that I realised I actually really love my surname and the prospect of it being something different, after it being the same for 26 years, is a little daunting. 

What is more daunting is that I will be trading in my cosy, well loved surname for not one but TWO new names. Yep, I am gaining a double barrelled surname and it definitely feels a little too posh for little old me. I did pose various different options to Ben, such as him taking my name or dropping one of his in place of mine, but sadly he is immensely devoted to his name and won't budge. 

So I did what any grown woman would do I, urm, double checked with my Dad that he wouldn't be upset that we didn't have the same name anymore. He chuckled and said of course he didn't mind and so that made me feel a little better.

Reflecting on it now, I do think the name change is a sweet little way to mark the start of a new chapter and it'll be nice that as a household we will have the same surname, but I'm still just a bit sad to bid mine a farewell and - full disclosure - slightly concerned that after the wedding I will completely forget what it is that I am called!

So wish me luck!

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