Monday, January 01, 2018


I’m really bad at relaxing. A bit of a weird statement perhaps because, surely how hard can it be? Well hear me out.

The premise of it I totally get, but the struggle for me comes with actually putting it into practice.
I have an overactive brain which seems to thrive when there’s about 150 things whirring around it at once. If I’m not physically doing (or more accurately, running around like a headless chicken) I’m pondering what I’m going to do next. It can get a little exhausting to say the least.

Until very recently, I thought it was quite normal. I thought I was quite normal. Today’s society moves a hundred miles a minute and everything is constant. We are constantly active, constantly busy and, thanks in a large part to modern technology constantly available and online, making it difficult to switch off completely.

It was only when a handful of people closest to me sat me down on separate occasions recently and told me to slow down, take a break and chill because I’d been wearing myself far too thin, that I realised that maybe I was doing this ‘busy’ thing wrong.

My mental health was suffering and with that, those closest to me were suffering too. So caught up was I in my crazy unattainable schedule that my usual zest for life dissipated and I just felt down. I also got sick, which only served to make me feel worse.

Christmas came at the perfect time for me and was the biggest blessing. I got some amazing presents but the best of all was a break with my loved ones. Towards the end of the festivities, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated and that is a feeling I want to cling onto in 2018.

To do so, I’m vowing to make some changes. This year, unlike many others that have gone before it, I am not going to start by punishing myself by pointing out all my physical shortcomings and jotting down an altogether unachievable daily gym regimen that I don’t have the time to stick to.

Yes, I’d like to lose a couple of pounds and yes, I’d like to be healthier, but mostly, I want to be kinder... to myself!

A couple of nights ago, I had the house to myself. I drank wine and having never watched it before, I started Gossip Girl from the beginning - and it was amazing. Such a simple evening, but just what I needed after an 170 mike drive.

In 2018, I want to learn to switch off from the world for my own sanity and not feel guilty about it.

I want to

I love books and last year I also rediscovered my love of poetry. I want to immerse myself in a book more and finally get through the massive list of titles that have stacked up this year for me to read.

I want to get outside more...

I want to get out and explore the place I live, rather than catching glimpses of the cool places around me through my car window when I’m dashing somewhere else.

I want to practice my photography more...

I’m still an amateur but every new thing I’ve learnt since buying my camera has given me such a sense of achievement, that I want to experience that even more going forward.

I want to take more time to spend with the ones I love...

As much as I want to expand my blog over the next year and be more consistent with it, I also want to be more organised with it. I am a perfectionist my nature so can take ages to get things done and my weekends are quickly absorbed with blog work. I want to be more organised with my time and I want to not feel guilty for taking a break from whatever I’m doing to allow me to spend more time with my loved ones because, honestly, that is the most important thing.

If 2017 taught me anything it's that l
ife is so precious and far too short and in 2018, I definitely don’t want to take that for granted.

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