Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Beauty Tools I Can't Get Enough Of*

I'm a girl who can appreciate the simple things in life - sitting down with a good book, relaxing with a face mask, using fresh new makeup tools for the first time. This post is about the latter; there's something I just find really satisfying about whipping out an unused brush and applying your makeup.

Over the Christmas period I got a few new bits and bobs, many of which I have wanted to try out for AGES so I've loved finally getting to give these a whirl...


First up, I finally got my hands on a beauty blender. OK, so I have actually used one of these spherical wonders before but only the bargain versions. Naturally, I was keen to be using the real deal from Beauty Blender UK.

Compared to the cheap imitations I have used in the past, this one is so much softer. I also think the shape is slightly better too, because the point is much more defined. I favour using a beauty blender when applying concealer under my eyes as I think it makes it look more natural. I also think the tapered end makes it so much easier to use around the contours of your face, when I am trying to highlight my cheekbones.

If you are reading this and you haven't tried one of these beauty blenders before, you are missing a trick. When I first started using these, I didn't realise that you actually had to wet them a little bit first. Once I figured that out, it was all uphill from there!

This is such a good product - and it comes in a range of different colours so you could purchase one of each and use them for all of your makeup needs. They can be bought from all good retailers or from Beauty Blender directly.


Ever since I saw them burst into the beauty world, I have wanted to give these oval face brushes a try. I've seen them used in a host of different Youtube tutorials and have always been so impressed by how much easier makeup application appeared when using them.

Having now given them a go for myself, I can confirm that are completely amazing and a total gamechanger. I feel like it takes far less time to put on my makeup on, because it is so quick to blend everything.

The first brush I got was from Studio London. I love the sleek gold design and the bristles are even, super soft and feel really luxurious on the skin. When I apply foundation, I tend to apply a couple of squirts to the back of my hand and dip the brush into this to apply. In doing this, I have found that these brushes don't absorb so much product as other, more standard shaped brushes I have used and just a little bit of makeup goes a long way.

These types of brushes are a new favourite of mine (if you couldn't already tell) and they are a steal. I recently bought a couple that were very reduced in Primark (and of a good quality) and paid less than £4 for them both. You can't get fairer than that.


You know it's been a good Christmas when you find a Real Techniques set under the tree. I've never had an eye set from them before, so I was ecstatic to get this one. No sooner had I unwrapped it, than I was upstairs using it to create a snazzy look with the new palette I had also received. It's nice to have nice makeup at Christmas, right?

The brushes are renowned for being of a fantastically high standard and while this may seem like a capsule set, it has everything you need in here to create eye makeup that 'WOWs'. There is a real sense of quality over quantity with these sets.

I am still a bit of an amateur when it comes to more dramatic eye looks, but lately I've really enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone, selecting the brighter shades from a palette and really just going for it. I found that using these brushes have made that so much easier; they blend like a dream leaving my makeup looking really sleek and far more professional than it's looked in the past.

These can be bought directly from the Real Techniques website and retailers such as Superdrug and Boots. Prices vary and I would highly recommend investing.

So, what tools do you recommend I sample next?

* Contains PR samples


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