Monday, December 04, 2017

Trinny London: A Stack Of Products You Need To Know About

If you haven't heard of Trinny London yet, you are undoubtedly missing a trick.

Trinny Woodall, one half of the dynamic duo Trinny & Sussanah, the TV fashion gurus behind shows such as What Not To Wear (which I used to be glued to, by the way), has recently launched her own beauty range - and it is something to really get excited about.

Three years of in depth research and experimentation has culminated in a collection of products which so cleverly meets the needs of so many modern women - or men, for that matter. The real unique selling point is that the makeup, which is contained in handy circular pots, can be clicked together to create a 'stack'.

Your 'stack' is unique to you as, through the intelligent Match2Me feature on the brands website, you are skilfully matched to the products that will suit you the best.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Last week, I attended an intimate dinner with a handful of other bloggers at the Trinny London HQ in South Kensington where I got to sit down with Trinny, absorb some fab beauty and skincare tips, eat some delicious food and try out the products for myself. Perfect!

Cha Cha, Trinny's makeup artist, was able to tell me my colours to do my Match2Me. My hair - mousy, my complexion - peaches and cream and my eyes light brown. I inputted these details into the website and was shocked at the sheer number of different products available.

There's a skin perfector - the BFF cream - which looks incredible but is one of the few things I didn't sample, the Just a Touch foundation/concealer, highlighter, mattifying balm, blusher... the list just goes on. And of course, all stackable.

I was most intrigued by the contour product, Cheekbones. The shade I was matched to was 'Kate', which is a lovely muted cool brown as you can see from the swatches. It is really unlike any other contour I have tried and having used this, I certainly think that is a good thing. 'Kate' creates a beautiful subtle shadow. I have quite a round shaped face and this gives me the most natural definition.

In the past I have shied away from creamy contour shades, which the Trinny London one is,  in favour of powders which I tend to find easier to work with. However, 'Kate' blends superbly and sits nicely on the skin. It is also really easy to build up, if you want a more dramatic look for an evening out for example.

The Lip2Cheek was another product that captivated my attention. As I have said on my blog before, I love dual purpose products; why clutter your makeup bag with two products when you can have one that does two things?

This is entirely the premise behind the Trinny London Lip2Cheek. After Trinny helped to try the different shades I was matched with, we opted for 'Phoebe', which is described on the website as a 'dusky watermelon shade'. It creates a really lovely natural daytime lip but again, is really easy to build if you want to make more of a statement.

On my cheeks, 'Phoebe' really made them that bit rosier. In fact, when I have applied it, I think it gives the illusion that I have just got back from a breezy walk in the countryside and have a lovely glow about me. When I looked at 'Phoebe' in the pot, I worried it was too dark for my cheeks, but it really works.

Last up is 'Tallis', a LipGlow. These can be worn alone or, as Trinny suggested to me, layered over the my Lip2Cheek to add some depth to the colour. It's a real cross between a gloss and a balm and it is really comfortable to wear. The product also smells really lovely - which is a bonus for anything your going to put on your face.

Left to right: 'Phoebe' with 'Tallis', Phoebe on its own, 'Tallis' on its own

I am really pleased with my stack and I certainly foresee me adding some more products to it in the future. Some people may find the idea of forgoing makeup brushes and applying your makeup with your fingers a bit odd, daunting or unncessary but personally, I think Trinny has tapped into something fantastic.

For a busy girl like me, who puts on her makeup five days a week while commuting by train, I think that these products are just what I need.


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