Thursday, May 11, 2017

The 2 in 1 Product I'm Loving For Summer...

The best thing about beauty subscription boxes is undoubtedly that you discover brands that you may not have done so ordinarily, bet end up completely falling in love with.

In the time that I was signed up to Glossybox, I received so many products that each month that I literally couldn’t keep up with sampling them all. In fact a fair few of them remained in their boxes on the top shelf of my wardrobe, unused, until I unearthed them while packing to move house.
One of those discoveries was from Universal Beauty Cosmetics.

I certainly hadn’t heard of the brand before, let alone tried any of their products. However, when their Secret Flush Blusher & Lip Stain fell out of my Glossybox, I was immediately excited to give it a go.
Dual purpose makeup products are some of my favourites. I think it’s especially remarkable when something is manufactured to serve two functions, particularly when they perform them both really well.

In the past, I’ve tried various different cheek and lip stain combos but what I really like about this one is how creamy the formula is. Sometimes, I find they can be quite drying meaning they give a reasonable matte lip but a truly abysmal blush. Luckily, with this one I found the opposite was true.

What Universal Beauty Cosmetics have created is a super creamy formula, which blends like a dream. According the box, it ‘glides on the skin like silk and blends effortlessly’ – and I would have to agree. It also contains a touch of shimmer which adds a lovely subtle, slightly metallic glow. I have the fourth shade, Nectar, a pinky coral colour that I think really compliments my pale skin. 

This is most definitely going to be my new summer staple. It’s super versatile and in a handy handbag size so easy to stow away for any weekend breaks or a makeup refresh on a sunny afternoon.

Although currently out of stock, this fab little product (retailing at $20) can be found on the Universal Beauty Cosmetics website at Having given this a go, I am certainly keen to try some more of their products!


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  1. I am exactly the same when it comes to my beauty subscriptions, sometimes it takes me so long to try out the products! I recieved this awhile ago too and I still haven't tried it. That's definitely going to change now after reading your post, it looks so pretty!

    Ellie x