Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Three Steps To Blemish Free Skin*

I have always been lucky enough to have quite clear skin. Save for a few hormonal spots, usually my skin remains relatively blemish free – unless, that is, I have been a bit overindulgent. December was certainly a month of that for me and January was always destined to involve a detox. Eucerin certainly had my back on that front. They kindly set me up with their Dermo Purifyer ‘Anti-Blemish Regimen’, which provides targeted care to help clear the skin.
The set is made of a cleanser, toner and hydrating moisturiser which, when used together is designed to give visibly clearer skin in 4 weeks. I started using this in mid-January, so at this point I think the products have had a fair test.

So where do we start?

Step One
The first part of the process is to cleanse. I expected this to be a lotion, but it’s actually a cleansing wash. You apply it after wetting your face and work it into a lather, before washing it off with warm water.

The cleanser is designed to gently but effectively eliminate excess sebum from the skin. Until I started using this product, I wasn’t entirely sure what ‘sebum’ was. To give you a brief overview, it is an oily substance secreted by the glands to keep skin moisturised and lubricated. Too much of it, however, can cause acne.

While, as I say, I am not especially acne prone my skin can be temperamental and I do struggle with it being quite oily around my nose and chin. This cleanser has really helped with that; my makeup in these areas is far more long wearing in these areas as a result.

Step Two
So after cleansing, it is straight onto toning. The toner is oil free, so you aren’t undoing the good work of the cleanser by greasing your skin up again.

The formula contains Lactic Acid - you know, the stuff you usually associate with aching limbs after a heavy gym session? Well, within this toner, it actually works to unclog pores without over-drying the skin.  Each time I have cleansed with this product, my skin has felt really rejuvenated and refreshed.

Step Three

The last step is to moisturise. This one lightly moisturises and the addition of Decandiol works to prevent skin irritation while Natural Licorice Extract works to soothe the skin.

If you have really oily skin, this is certainly the one for you. It contains Carnitine which regulates sebum production and refines and mattifies the appearance of the skin. Additionally, it is also ‘non-comedogenic, so does not cause pores to get blocked.  I’ve found that when using this, it is absorbed very quickly into my skin and it feels really light.

As with many other Eucerin moisturisers, this can be used as a makeup base. This means that when you are going through your morning routine, once you finish all of the steps, you are completely set to then apply makeup.

I’m a big fan of this set, which really helped to rebalance my skin and reduce blemishes. Generally, it feels much healthier.

I love the cleanser and toner, which really work to strip out any impurities and the moisturiser is fantastic for clearing up any particularly oily areas of your face. As it is quite a light moisturiser, I have alternated between using this and the other Eucerin moisturisers I discussed in a previous post here.

All in all, I am a big fan and will certainly continue to use this as part of my daily routine. Currently the whole set can be purchased from Feel Unique for just £26 and personally, I think that is a really good deal given the volume and quality of the products included.
It’s a yes from me!

*This post includes PR samples.


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