Thursday, March 09, 2017

Happy Hand Care with Nivea*

I apply hand cream more frequently than any other moisturiser. Whether I'm sat at my desk at work, tapping out new blog posts in my office at home or sprawled on the sofa engrossed in a good book, there's always a bottle of lotion nearby to slather on when the need arises. 

Lately, I've been using Nivea hand cream. Four of their hand creams in fact. Even I don't usually have that many on the go at once, but when I was kindly sent a bundle to try, it was only right to give them all a fair test!

First up, there's the Smooth Care Cream. Formulated with Shea butter, this smells absolutely divine. Like the other creams in the range, the effect of using this one is designed to last for as long as 24 hours.
Smooth Care works to strengthen the skins natural protection barrier, to leave both hands and cuticles feeling super soft.

Next, there's the Express Care Cream. This is my go to option when I've been typing on my laptop or PC at work, as this one is very fast absorbing. It's a really quick fix.
After initial application, it soaks into the skin very quickly meaning that you aren't left with oily hands. It's the hand cream for the girl that is always on the go.

Then, there's the Nourishing Care Cream. Thankfully the dark, cold and blustery British days appear to be behind us but if your hands still need a little helping hand, this is the one you need.
Containing caring Almond Oil, this cream provides really intense nourishment and rich care. Winning!

Last up is Anti Age Care. Our hands are one of our most used and probably abused body parts. How many of you reading this consider the sun damage that can be caused to our skin on a daily basis? Because I certainly hadn't!
This cream works with Coenzyme 10 found in the skin to visibly reduce wrinkles. Over time and with regular use can help to prevent UV-induced age spots.
It's been recommended that you start using anti-aging products in your twenties, so why not incorporate them into your hand care routine too.

Aside from the properties of the products themselves, I also love the packaging. As you can see, the creams come in a really handy travel size, meaning they slot easily into even the fullest of handbags. This is a particular bonus for me, given that my bags are often bursting at the seams!
You shouldn’t, however, be fooled by the helpful handbag sizes of these creams; they do last a really long time. I have alternated between the different creams for the last few month, applying up to four or five times a day and I am still yet to get to the end of a bottle.
So how much do these cost? You can pick them up for just £2.99 in your local Boots and if you act quickly, you can make the most of the ‘Buy 1 get 2nd Half Price’ on Nivea deal.

I’ve tried a whole host of other hand creams in the past, but these are some of my favourites. I am able to mix around with which cream I am using to suit the needs of my skin. Hands really dry? Go straight for Nourishing Care Cream. Want to care for your cuticles? Try out the Smooth Care Cream. There’s something for everyone and every need in this collection – and it is certainly a yes from me!

*Includes PR samples.

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