Wednesday, January 25, 2017

'Multi-masking' With L'Oreal's Pure Clay Masks

There is nothing nicer after a long and stressful day, than coming in, wiping off every last scrap of makeup. Follow that with a face mask and a good book to read while said mask works its magic – and you’re really on to a winner.

For a long time, that was as sophisticated as my evening pampering routine got. That was, until I discovered the phenomenon which has swept the beauty world, know as “multi-masking”.

So, what is multi-masking? Well, it involves using a number of masks in different areas of the face, to target them more effectively. Aside from giving you the opportunity to get a little bit creative with a collage of masks on your face, since the vast majority of don’t have completely ‘normal’ skin, this is actually a trend which makes perfect sense.

I decided to give it a go myself with the L’Oreal Clay Masks. There are three masks altogether and I had originally only bought one but, after using it once, quickly took myself back to the shops to get the others. To give you a brief overview, there is;

§        The Detox Mask: The grey mask, which is designed to cleanse and clarify
§        The Purity Mask: The green mask, formulated to deeply purify and ‘mattify’ skin
§        The Glow Mask: The orange mask, made to brighten and exfoliate

Whereabouts you apply the masks depends on what help you need in what area. You’ve gotta #ClayYourWay!

I applied the Purity Mask first, around my forehead and T zone. I wouldn’t say that my skin is really oily, but if I had to name any places on my face that were a bit oilier than the rest, it would be those.

Next up, the Glow Mask because who doesn’t wanna glow? I put this across my cheeks in the hopes that when the mask was washed away I might end up with some vague natural highlight as it works to brighten skin.

Last up was the Detox Mask. This is designed to be in areas that may be congested, due to a makeup build up, for example. I used this across my chin and jawline but, in retrospect, should have also put some on my nose too!

I tend to leave masks on for a little longer than specified, so these were probably on for about fifteen minutes before I washed them off. When doing so, I noticed that the Glow Mask is made up of exfoliating beads that you can rub further into your skin to draw out the impurities.

With the masks removed and the renewed ability to move my facial muscles, I did notice that my skin felt smoother and more refreshed. The Detox Mask was definitely my favourite; it produced the best results and left my skin feeling deeply cleansed.

As far as multi-masking goes, I’m definitely a fan. Yes, it takes longer to apply and yes, you may resemble a bit of clown with random patches of colour all over your face, but it works. I love having the ability to engineer my face mask to ensure that my skin really looks its best.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I would certainly recommend it giving multi-masking a go. I really loved the L’Oreal masks here and I am looking forward to seeing how my skin improves using them on a regular basis.  


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  1. I've seen these all over the internet recently. I definitely need to get them for myself and try them out!

    Emily xo