Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas Gifting with Bubble T

With less than a week to go, it’s fair to say Christmas is officially upon us. This year, very unusually, I finished my Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago in a bid to make the run up to the big day a little less stressful.

I have one more day in the office and then I’m officially in holiday mode - and I plan to be doing a whole lot of relaxing over the break. The Bubble T Christmas gift sets are making taking some time out considerably easier and today, I’m sharing with you my absolute favourite of the bunch.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

My Party Season Essential This Christmas

The festive season is officially upon us and I can't quite get my head around how quickly this year has gone! December seems to have brought with it an awful lot of stress, as I just seem to have an ever growing to do list to work through before the big day. Added into that, my social calendar seems to be more packed with parties and other festive gatherings than it has been in years!


Monday, December 04, 2017

Trinny London: A Stack Of Products You Need To Know About

If you haven't heard of Trinny London yet, you are undoubtedly missing a trick.

Trinny Woodall, one half of the dynamic duo Trinny & Sussanah, the TV fashion gurus behind shows such as What Not To Wear (which I used to be glued to, by the way), has recently launched her own beauty range - and it is something to really get excited about.


Friday, November 10, 2017

NIVEA Autumn Must Haves

Last month I received a parcel from one of my favourite brands, Nivea, containing a couple of things for me to try.

The transition period from summer to autumn, where the temperature drops and we all rush to turn on our central heating, wreaks havoc with my skin. I'm always far more conscious in the colder months of ensuring I moisturise frequently because, lets face it, it is most definitely needed.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Madame LA LA Tan and Bronzing Ball Review

A couple of weekends ago I went to a wedding. Since that definitely calls for a tan, I figured what better time to try out my new Madame LA LA goodies.

I’ve tried the brand before (see my previous post), so I was really excited when they contacted me offering to send me some new tan and their bronzing ball - which I’ve been wanting to try for ages!
Excitingly, Madame LA LA have recently launched their products at Pretty Little Thing, so you can now get your tan while picking up a new outfit.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Absolutely Beauty: The products I have been loving lately!

I've tried so many good beauty products lately that it just made sense to put them all together in one favourites most for you all. 

So, without further ado, here are the products I've been rating lately...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

Not so long ago I picked up the Sweet Peach palette from Too Faced, completely fell in love with it and vowed to invest in more eye shadows from the brand.
Little did I know that one of my lovely friends was one step ahead of me and surprised with the gorgeous Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection!


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The palette I can't get enough of: Too Faced Sweet Peach

After much deliberation, a little while ago I gave into temptation and finally treated myself to the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette.

And it was certainly money well spent!

If you haven't got your hands on this yet, then this post is about to give you the lowdown.

Encased in a pretty orange pink tin, complete with embossed peaches on top, the palette already looks lovely before you even get to opening it. And when you do, you are greeted by a delightfully peachy scent that just makes it even more of a pleasure to use.

My go-to palette has always previously been the Urban Decay Naked 2, simply because the warm shades work perfectly with my dark eyes and paler complexion. But, when I bought this, the Naked 2 was facing some stiff competition.

There is not a shade in this palette that I don't like.

The shadows in this palette are a mixture of matte, shimmer and slightly more glittery. I would say that the majority are quite shimmery though, which is something I really favour. I like that you can use shades such as 'White Peach' and 'Peaches and Cream' as a base and then build your look.

I found that so many of these shades really complement each other and I especially like that when you receive the palette you also get a little pamphlet showing you how to re-create three different looks. This really encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone a little bit when using the shadows as the brochure matched together shades that I may not ordinarily have gone for.

As I have had the palette for a few months now, I have been using it quite frequently. What impresses me most each time that I do is how pigmented the different shades are, how easily they blend and how long lasting they are. I have yet to use this palette with any primer and honestly, I don't think I need to. There is no fallout and my makeup just stays perfectly.

From left to right: Caramelized, Candied Peach, Just Peachy, Georgia, Cobbler, Luscious, Peaches 'N' Cream, Nectar and White Peach.

From left to right: Talk Derby to Me, Delectable, Charmed I'm Sure, Summer Yum, Peach Pit, Tempting, Puree, Bellini and Bless Her Heart. 

When I ordered my palette I received a free sample of the Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss. I got it in the shade in 'Pure Peach' which, upon first application, I thought seemed to be a bit brighter than I expected but it really settles onto your lips and looks super natural. There are seven other shades, so I am keen to try those as well. They are really nourishing for the lips on account of the fact they are formulated with peach oil, coconut oil and vitamin E.

While I have used and loved other Too Faced makeup, this is the first palette from them I have tried. Given how impressed I have been with this one, I definitely want to try some others. Leave me some comments below if you have any favourites you could recommend.

The palette retails at around £39, which is quite standard for a palette of this size. It is available at stores such as Debenhams, which is where I picked mine up from.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Protecting your skin this summer: The Suncare range I'm loving

What do you call someone who ventures out to bask in the blisteringly hot weather, without a drop of suncream on?

I don't know about you but a lot of words spring to my mind and 'clever', is certainly not one of them. In fact, there is nothing remotely clever about forgoing sun protection when the temperatures are sky rocketing. 

As long time readers of my blog, or followers of my Instagram will know, I have quite pale skin. A result of this is that it was ingrained in me from a very young age that I really needed to take extra care of it - especially when it was hot.

When I was a little girl, I detested my day at the beach or afternoon in the park being frequently interrupted as my Mum insisted on painting me with the Factor 50. The cream was so thick and always felt so uncomfortably sticky that, naturally, it was far from my favourite thing.

One severe bout of sunburn as an early teen was enough coupled with, to drill home to me the importance of being sensible. As an adult, I'm very careful - and also that very annoying person reminding my friends to be the same! 

Eucerin have a host of products that make keeping safe in the sun super simple. Better still, you won't feel like you've been rolling around in treacle after applying them. Here's what I've been using...

Sun Fluid Mattifying Face Cream

I'm a BIG fan of this and, when it's so hot that foundation is just unbearable, this is my go to.

With high UVA/UVB protection, it has been specially formulated to help prevent sun-induced hyper pigmentation and premature skin ageing. Designed for sensitive skin and with a non greasy formula, this feels really pleasant and light to wear - even when layering it up.

Although I've yet to test this aspect, the cream is water resistant. However, it should be frequently after swimming or towelling dry, just to ensure you are really well protected.
This cream has, like the products below, been tailored to protect the the skin levels in the deeper epidermal skin layers and support skin renewal. This is thanks to the inclusion of Licorice Extract and Glycyrrhetinic Acid. 

Extra Light Sun Lotion

This ultra absorbent lotion is an absolute winner. If I had this as a child, I am certain I wouldn't have complained half so much at all. It's so easy to layer up the lotion because it soaks in so quickly and more layers means better protection!

What is really special about this lotion is not only that Eucerin's clever skin research has resulted in a product which offers comprehensive protection, it's also specially formulated for allergic and eczema-prone skin.

My boyfriend is always really careful with what he applies to his skin and reluctant to try new products, given that he can get quite painful eczema and psoriasis. Much of skincare is prescription, but surprisingly I did manage to get him to try this. In fact, it was absolutely fine for him and he didn't report any problems at all. 

This definitely got top marks from us both!

Transparent Sun Spray

If you're looking for a sun protection which is mega quick and simple to put on, this is the one. Sun sprays are super super convenient.

Although formulated to be non-sticky and non-greasy, I would say that this is actually ever so slightly sticky but not annoyingly so.
That aside, a real benefit of this spray is that it can be used not only on sensitive skin but on skin that is blemish-prone. 

This has been my first summer using the Eucerin range of sun protection products, but I definitely think I will use them again. Having used each of the items, it is really evident how much work has gone into making them fit for purpose to a wide variety of consumers.

Although I don't use these products specifically because the way they work for sensitive skin, it's certainly a benefit and given my boyfriend's experience, I would urge people that do really suffer to give these a try. 

The Eucerin range can be found on the Boots website at:

Monday, June 12, 2017

Getting that Glam Glow: YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment Review

I've seen Glam Glow masks everywhere lately so, when they contacted me to ask if I would like to try one out for myself, I jumped at the chance.

Glam Glow originated in Hollywood, when husband and wife Glen and Shannon Dellimore sought to create a product that met the demands of their actor friends, desperate for something that would give them a camera ready complexion. It became a runaway success and is now available from a range of UK retailers for us across the pond to enjoy!

I received the YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. Designed for all skin types, this mask is specially formulated with Glam Glow's patented Green Tea Leaf TEAOXI®. It has won multiple awards, on account of it's time-release technology, which delivers super-squalene, EGCG Super-Antioxidants and Polyphenols into the mud for the life of the product.

The mask tingles when applied. In actual fact, I have read that the more it tingles, the more it is working. When I first applied it, it felt fine - but sensation soon started and it definitely tingled. At one point, it was starting to become a little bit unbearable, but as quickly as that feeling came it dissipated. This was probably around the 7 or 8 minute mark, by which time the mask had really started to harden. It becomes whiter in colour - and jaw movements become especially difficult.

I wasn't sure quite how long to leave the mask on for, but it was probably on my face for around 15-20 minutes in the end. I removed the mask with warm water, rubbing it off in circular motions as instructed. This helps to gently exfoliate the skin - so it is still having an impact, even when it's being taken off! I really liked this aspect, because it feels as though the mask is doing twice as much work.

What struck most about this, is that you are only directed to apply a thin layer to get results. I did so, disbelievingly, but it certainly works. When I removed the mask, I felt that my skin looked far brighter than it had beforehand. My skin felt rejuvenated and refreshed and the dry patches I suffer with around my nose and around my forehead had reduced.

The Youth Mud mask is designed to, as the name suggests, keep the skin looking youthful. At 24, my skin is quite 'young' anyway, although I do tend to use anti ageing products to try keep it that way. I don't think I have been using the product long enough to comment on whether it has had an anti-ageing effect, but I am definitely a fan of this, so I'll be continuing to use it to find out!

A particular selling point for this mask is that it is not only suitable for all skin types, but for mena and women too.

Given the small amount I have used when trialling this product, I also think the full size 50ml tubs would really last. I'll have to try one and report back. There are six other mask available, which you can purchase seperately or you can get them all together in a sample set, to find out which one you like best.

If you are looking to try out Glam Glow for yourself, then head over to their UK website. Currently, you can receive 15% off your first order when you sign up at

Friday, May 19, 2017

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powders Review

Eyebrows were once a part of my makeup that I carelessly neglected, entirely unappreciative of the power of a good brow. These days, I invest far more time ensuring they are neatly groomed and recently, for the first time, I discarded my tweezers and opted for a professional wax and tint instead.
I completely underestimated how much I would adore the results. As my beautician predicted, makeup application was a whole different ball game afterwards. My natural brows are so pale that it has always been such an arduous task to fill them in. But with to work from, it’s been so much easier and I’ve found it so much more enjoyable trying out different products on them.

Lately, I’ve been trying out the Brow Shake Filling Powder by Rimmel.

When these powders were launched, they were unlike anything I had ever tried before so I was thrilled when I received these to try.

The powders are fade proof, smudge proof and waterproof so designed to leave you with sculpted brows from morning right through to night time. The powders are available in four different shades, so it’s really easy to find the perfect colour for you. I personally tend to alternate between dark and medium brown.

With these, the application is an absolute doddle. The powders come with a handy little applicator in the lid, which are relatively thin to enable you to be really precise. Simply unscrew the lid, tap off the excess and you are ready to go.

One of my top tips for this product, is to start off lightly. The first time I used it I was definitely a little bit heavy handed - which didn’t make for a good look. Instead, it is far better to start off gently as you can easily build up the product as required. I love that you can fill in any gaps in your brows, while maintaining a natural look. Once I have finished with the powder, I lock everything in place using a clear gel.

While I do like to use the powders to define my eyebrows, they also make for fantastic eyeliners too.
For a long time liquid eyeliner has been my makeup staple, but I’ve been forgoing it lately in favour of experimenting with the other products that have been lying overlooked, in the drawers of my dressing table.

These powders have proved to be the perfect alternative. The smooth applicator can be glided across upper and lower lash lines to create a kohl-like effect. They look great when worn alone, but are also the perfect complement to a more dramatic smoky eye. Talk about versatile!

If you want to sample these products for yourself, they can be purchased for £5.99 at your local Boots or Superdrug; I’ve seen there are offers on at both stores currently.

Having tried out the rest of the Rimmel brow range (and being suitably impressed with it), I’m not surprised by how much I have liked these powders. However, that said, I certainly didn’t expect to get as much use as I have. If you saw my last post, you’ll know I am becoming quite the fan of dual purpose products – and this is certainly another one of the good ones!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The 2 in 1 Product I'm Loving For Summer...

The best thing about beauty subscription boxes is undoubtedly that you discover brands that you may not have done so ordinarily, bet end up completely falling in love with.

In the time that I was signed up to Glossybox, I received so many products that each month that I literally couldn’t keep up with sampling them all. In fact a fair few of them remained in their boxes on the top shelf of my wardrobe, unused, until I unearthed them while packing to move house.
One of those discoveries was from Universal Beauty Cosmetics.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Shower Time Indulgence, with Nivea

If you’re following me on any social media, you will know that for the last few weeks I have been completely caught up with the madness that is moving house. I very naively thought it would just be a case of packing up a few boxes, unpacking them at the other hand and voila, you’ve moved! That was certainly not the case and in fact, I feel like I have barely stopped since we picked up our keys.

Being so busy, I haven’t had a lot of time to myself. In fact the only brief opportunity I have had to relax and pamper has been when I’m jumping, or rather stumbling, into the shower at the end of a crazy long day. That said, I have had some indulgent new goodies from Nivea to try while doing so, which means I can’t complain too much. 

When I’m showering, I always favour lotions and potions that you can really work up into a luxurious lather. As a result, I was really pleased with the Creme and Oil Pearls. Infused with Argan Oil and, in this case, with added scent of fresh Cherry Blossom, it froths up into a lovely velvety lather. The formula is a shimmery white colour and the addition of tiny ‘oil pearls’ work to moisturise the skin.

I’ve found I only need about one and a half squeezes to have a sufficient amount to wash my whole body with this and, after use, my skin feels well cleansed and supple.
Next up, the Caring Shower Silk Mousse. Generally, the only mousse like products I’ve used in the shower have been shaving foams and the like, so a cleaning with a similar formula seemed a little abstract to me at first.

Initially, this squirts out as a liquid before quickly taking a mousse form. Despite my initial reluctance, it quickly became apparent that really I was using a product which had lathered up all by itself. The creme is super soft and certainly silky. It contains Almond Oil, a wonder product for skin, which helps to cleanse and nourish the skin, sealing in moisture.

Both of these products retail, quite impressively, at less than £3 which is very reasonable. If you are looking to try some indulgent new bath time products, without an indulgent price tag, I would certainly suggest giving these a try. I am a big fan of Nivea products and these just highlight even further how consistently fantastic this brand is at caring for skin. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Babyliss Diamond 235 Straightener Review

As far as hair styling goes, Babyliss has long been one of my favourite brands and I have used their products forever.
Last year I experimented with a different make of straighteners but it wasn’t long before I had shunted them aside and gone back to what I know and love – which brings me on to this post.

The appearance

My boyfriend bought me the Diamond Radiance Hair Straightener for my birthday last year, after hearing about how much I missed Babyliss - so I have certainly given these a fair amount of testing.
Firstly, these pictures really don’t do these straighteners justice. They are just beautiful; sparkly all over, from top to bottom, even down to the metal plates. If you like a little bit of glitz like me, these certainly offer that. Babyliss have form when it comes to making their products super pretty and these are just another example of that.

The performance

Appearances aside, the features of the straighteners are just as impressive. They heat up to 235 degrees C and have active frizz controlling diamond infused ionic plates, so you can be sure your lock will be looking sleek after use.

Naturally, my hair is quite straight, so I don’t need an awful lot of heat to sort out any kinks. However, I tend to curl my hair with straighteners too so I do appreciate a higher temperature for that. These have three settings; 180 degrees C, 200 degrees C and 235 degrees C so you can easily alternate the heat depending on the look you are trying to create. Even if you are using the hottest heat, the straighteners get to the right temperature in next to no time. When they are ready, there is a little LED light which comes on to indicate this. 

My hair is quite long, so I really benefit from the fact the plates on these are slightly longer too, as I can style larger sections of my hair at once. The curved design of these also means they completely glide through my hair, making the process so much easier.

When using these straighteners, I find that the styles I create last really well; curls stay in for ages. I can use a little hair spray and find that, although they may have dropped slightly, when I wake up the day after I still have pretty waves. I’ve used products before which cause my hair to revert back to normal less than two hours after painstakingly curling it – so this is fantastic!

So how much do these retail for? It completely depends where you buy them as they can range in price. At the moment though, they can be bought for just £40 (usually £80 at Boots) which I personally think is a real bargain, especially considering the prices of competing products on the market. These straighteners offer exceptional performance and leave my hair sleek and smooth every time – an absolutely winning product for me and one I would certainly recommend.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mixing Up My Makeup: Makeup Obsession Review

“A girl can never have too many makeup palettes…”

Well, I am not sure if that is strictly true but it’s certainly a motto that I like to live by, evidenced by my overflowing dressing table drawers. I have stacks of different ones and yet I still find myself buying more, telling myself they aren’t the same as the one I bought the week before. Or, you know, the week before that…

Until very recently, however, I had never tried a palette that I could actually put together myself so I was especially excited to be able to try one from Makeup Obsession – which allowed me to do just that! 

While the products inside are of course the most important, it’s always nice when things are packaged nicely too. I have the Medium Luxe Gold Obsession palette, which has this fantastic mirrored design. 
Inside, there is space for six singles and you are not limited to what you add. The Makeup Obsession range includes eyeshadows, contour, highlight, and blush shades so you can keep all the products you might need in one place.

In my palette I was sure to include a bit of everything; there are shimmering shadows, a glistening highlighter and peachy toned blush. I’ve swatched them below.

(L-R Alba, Perfect, London, Scene, Banana Powder, Ice)

When you use shimmery eyeshadows, I always think there is a danger you will get one that looks great but really doesn’t have much substance. These on the other hand, are really pigmented, easy to blend and they last well. London, Alba and Scene really suit my pale skin tone. I also tend to use Banana Powder, which is a contour shade, as a base for the shadows.

The blusher, which I wear in Perfect, is really easy to build and gives great dynamic colour – without being overbearing. I follow this by dusting on a little highlighter in shade Ice. It gives me a really subtle glow and while it’s a little too glittery for me in the daytime, it’s perfect for a night out when you want your makeup to have a bit more ‘wow factor’. I often add a little of this around my tear ducts too.

All in all, I’ve been so impressed with this brand and it’s so exciting to be able to mix up your palette whenever you feel it. I still have more singles that I haven’t added into my palette yet, so I am looking forward to trying those out and sharing them with you soon.

If you like the look of these and want to pick some up for yourself, prices start at just £3 – with the palette case being available for only £6. Makeup Obsession is available at local Boots stores and online. 

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Happy Hand Care with Nivea*

I apply hand cream more frequently than any other moisturiser. Whether I'm sat at my desk at work, tapping out new blog posts in my office at home or sprawled on the sofa engrossed in a good book, there's always a bottle of lotion nearby to slather on when the need arises. 

Lately, I've been using Nivea hand cream. Four of their hand creams in fact. Even I don't usually have that many on the go at once, but when I was kindly sent a bundle to try, it was only right to give them all a fair test!

First up, there's the Smooth Care Cream. Formulated with Shea butter, this smells absolutely divine. Like the other creams in the range, the effect of using this one is designed to last for as long as 24 hours.
Smooth Care works to strengthen the skins natural protection barrier, to leave both hands and cuticles feeling super soft.

Next, there's the Express Care Cream. This is my go to option when I've been typing on my laptop or PC at work, as this one is very fast absorbing. It's a really quick fix.
After initial application, it soaks into the skin very quickly meaning that you aren't left with oily hands. It's the hand cream for the girl that is always on the go.

Then, there's the Nourishing Care Cream. Thankfully the dark, cold and blustery British days appear to be behind us but if your hands still need a little helping hand, this is the one you need.
Containing caring Almond Oil, this cream provides really intense nourishment and rich care. Winning!

Last up is Anti Age Care. Our hands are one of our most used and probably abused body parts. How many of you reading this consider the sun damage that can be caused to our skin on a daily basis? Because I certainly hadn't!
This cream works with Coenzyme 10 found in the skin to visibly reduce wrinkles. Over time and with regular use can help to prevent UV-induced age spots.
It's been recommended that you start using anti-aging products in your twenties, so why not incorporate them into your hand care routine too.

Aside from the properties of the products themselves, I also love the packaging. As you can see, the creams come in a really handy travel size, meaning they slot easily into even the fullest of handbags. This is a particular bonus for me, given that my bags are often bursting at the seams!
You shouldn’t, however, be fooled by the helpful handbag sizes of these creams; they do last a really long time. I have alternated between the different creams for the last few month, applying up to four or five times a day and I am still yet to get to the end of a bottle.
So how much do these cost? You can pick them up for just £2.99 in your local Boots and if you act quickly, you can make the most of the ‘Buy 1 get 2nd Half Price’ on Nivea deal.

I’ve tried a whole host of other hand creams in the past, but these are some of my favourites. I am able to mix around with which cream I am using to suit the needs of my skin. Hands really dry? Go straight for Nourishing Care Cream. Want to care for your cuticles? Try out the Smooth Care Cream. There’s something for everyone and every need in this collection – and it is certainly a yes from me!

*Includes PR samples.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Three Steps To Blemish Free Skin*

I have always been lucky enough to have quite clear skin. Save for a few hormonal spots, usually my skin remains relatively blemish free – unless, that is, I have been a bit overindulgent. December was certainly a month of that for me and January was always destined to involve a detox. Eucerin certainly had my back on that front. They kindly set me up with their Dermo Purifyer ‘Anti-Blemish Regimen’, which provides targeted care to help clear the skin.
The set is made of a cleanser, toner and hydrating moisturiser which, when used together is designed to give visibly clearer skin in 4 weeks. I started using this in mid-January, so at this point I think the products have had a fair test.

So where do we start?

Step One
The first part of the process is to cleanse. I expected this to be a lotion, but it’s actually a cleansing wash. You apply it after wetting your face and work it into a lather, before washing it off with warm water.

The cleanser is designed to gently but effectively eliminate excess sebum from the skin. Until I started using this product, I wasn’t entirely sure what ‘sebum’ was. To give you a brief overview, it is an oily substance secreted by the glands to keep skin moisturised and lubricated. Too much of it, however, can cause acne.

While, as I say, I am not especially acne prone my skin can be temperamental and I do struggle with it being quite oily around my nose and chin. This cleanser has really helped with that; my makeup in these areas is far more long wearing in these areas as a result.

Step Two
So after cleansing, it is straight onto toning. The toner is oil free, so you aren’t undoing the good work of the cleanser by greasing your skin up again.

The formula contains Lactic Acid - you know, the stuff you usually associate with aching limbs after a heavy gym session? Well, within this toner, it actually works to unclog pores without over-drying the skin.  Each time I have cleansed with this product, my skin has felt really rejuvenated and refreshed.

Step Three

The last step is to moisturise. This one lightly moisturises and the addition of Decandiol works to prevent skin irritation while Natural Licorice Extract works to soothe the skin.

If you have really oily skin, this is certainly the one for you. It contains Carnitine which regulates sebum production and refines and mattifies the appearance of the skin. Additionally, it is also ‘non-comedogenic, so does not cause pores to get blocked.  I’ve found that when using this, it is absorbed very quickly into my skin and it feels really light.

As with many other Eucerin moisturisers, this can be used as a makeup base. This means that when you are going through your morning routine, once you finish all of the steps, you are completely set to then apply makeup.

I’m a big fan of this set, which really helped to rebalance my skin and reduce blemishes. Generally, it feels much healthier.

I love the cleanser and toner, which really work to strip out any impurities and the moisturiser is fantastic for clearing up any particularly oily areas of your face. As it is quite a light moisturiser, I have alternated between using this and the other Eucerin moisturisers I discussed in a previous post here.

All in all, I am a big fan and will certainly continue to use this as part of my daily routine. Currently the whole set can be purchased from Feel Unique for just £26 and personally, I think that is a really good deal given the volume and quality of the products included.
It’s a yes from me!

*This post includes PR samples.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Walking away in fabulous boots...

When this year began, I shunned making any resolutions. In years gone by, I have tortured myself with the task, so convinced was I that when the clock struck midnight on the 31st December I would need to metamorphose into some polished, preened and perfect version of myself.
I look back now and realise how entirely unrealistic it was to place such expectations on myself. Not least because, I really didn’t need to change at all. While I completely subscribe to the new year, new start ‘thing,’ I am completely over the ‘new year, new me’ cliché.
In 2017, my mission is to be healthier but most importantly to be happier. Obviously, that is not something that I can just sit back on the sofa and command but there are certain strategies that I am putting in place to try and radiate good vibes.
Ultimately, that means that there are a few things that I want to be turn my back on and walk away from – which I will be doing in fabulous new Truffle Collection boots no less…

My bargain ASOS boots - £48 down to just £16!

Body insecurity
I am mindful that this is not something I can just blind eye too; let’s face it, if I could I already would have.
Insecurities about my body have plagued me since I was a teenager and suddenly more conscious of my form that I had ever been before. I’d like to tell you that the nagging doubts I used to harbour about whether my thighs were thin enough, legs were long enough, tummy was toned enough evaporated when I entered my twenties, but they didn’t.
That said, I have come to realise that my thought process can be irrational and that there are more important issues in life to get fixated with. Over the next twelve months, I’m leaving behind those evening physique critiques in front of the mirror and focusing on keeping healthy – mind, body and soul.
I will keep working hard in the gym, keeping eat right but I will be making a concerted effort to walk away from relentless self-discipline and be a little kinder to myself.

Like most, I get a thrill from tossing down my debit card at the till and treating myself to something nice. While I am not exceptionally frivolous with my money, I am certainly guilt of buying things I just don’t need.
A closet of clothes I never wear, a stack of magazines I don’t read, more notebooks than I could possibly need, enough nail varnishes . I buy obsessively; I become hooked on something and buy a whole heap of it before I get bored and move on to the next. Although this isn’t bank breaking stuff, it all adds up.
You may know from following my social media channels that my boyfriend and I are in the process of buying our first house together. It’s a huge financial commitment and I am so excited to get moved in and start making it ours. As such, I am waving adios to excessive and unnecessary spending, in favour of and creating the home I have so lovingly been virtually cultivating on my many Pinterest boards.

My phone
In this day and age, the population has grown from being obsessed, to being reliant upon technology. My generation especially and in turn, me.
The majority of us are glued to our phones for inordinate periods of time during the day. Much as I try to deny it, I am one of these people and am finding that I am increasingly irritated at myself for it.
Last weekend, I unfortunately had my purse stolen from my bag on an evening out. As gutted as I was and as violated as I felt, I counted my lucky stars that they hadn’t noticed my phone zipped away in a side pocket. Because, as angry as it makes me to admit it losing that, really would have been a catastrophe.
If mobile phones ceased to exist tomorrow, sure I would adjust, but I am at the point now where I depend on mine for the most basic of tasks. From timing the dinner I’ve got in the oven to remembering that friend’s birthday.
Lately, I have been trying to set my phone down, walk away and just ignore it. See you later waning productivity levels and excessive trawling of social media, I have better things to do!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#BrowsLikeCara: Rimmel London Brow Boutique Review*

You know what’s good timing? Receiving a glorious golden parcel in the post from the lovely people at Rimmel London, brimming with brow products, the day after you ran out of the ones you had been using.
The Rimmel eyebrow pencils were some of the first I ever tried and in a few shades too, having dyed my natural brondey hair a shade of chocolate brown in my late teens and realising my uber pale brows no longer matched.

Since those days, Rimmel’s range has expanded to include a whole host of other brilliant bits tailored to get you banging brows. The great news is I’m going to give you the lowdown on it all, including the different looks you can create with each of the products…

The Professional Eye Brow Pencil
As I said above, my eyebrows are incredibly light and this product is by far my favourite in the range when it comes to giving them some much-needed definition.

Using the handy brush built into the lid, I always start by combing my brows through. I then take the pencil along the lower part of my brow and slowly start to fill them in. It’s important to do this in light strokes, so that you don’t run the risk of looking as though you have overenthusiastically filled in the gaps like a kid with their first colouring book.

Available in three versatile colours (Hazel, Medium Brown and Dark Brown), this pencil has a drier formula so isn’t quite as easy to blend as other pencils I have tried. That said, the product stays on all day so you can be sure that your groomed brows will be long lasting.

Brow This Way Gel
You can use the gel in two ways; on its own or after you have already filled in your brows. Personally, I prefer to use this after applying the pencil, as this sculpts and further defines my brows.

Formulated with argan oil, the gel actually conditions and softens your brows while being worn. You can purchase it in Blonde, Mid Brown, Dark Brown or, if none of those work for you, it is also available in Clear. My brows are slightly in between shades, though I think the Mid Brown might be slightly more appropriate. I tend to use only a little of this if I am going out of an evening, but if it’s a daytime look, I layer on some of the Clear gel.

What I really like about this product is the brush. It is tapered at the end, which allows you to catch all of your smallest hairs with the tip of the brush and comb through the rest with the fatter end. I think is a particularly good design feature, as it gives you complete control over your look.

Brow This Way Sculpting Kit
I have wanted to try one of these sets for a while; it’s almost as if Rimmel knew!
Admittedly, I am still a bit of a novice with this one and the first time I used it I wasn’t in a particularly well lit room. When I came back into normal lighting, I realised I had gone slightly overboard with the gel part of the kit. But, practice makes perfect!

This is the product I would be calling on for a night out; if you want a slightly more dramatic look, this is certainly the one to use. The kit comes with two little brush; one to comb through your lashes and the other a double ended angled brush – one end is harder for the wax and the other slightly softer for the powder.

You start off with the wax to define the lash. I start with this lightly underneath my brow, around the arch first and then add some upwards strokes at the starting point of my brow. I smooth this out as I go, being sure to build up rather than getting wax happy! When you have defined your brows in the way that you wish, you can use the powder to set this. This also helps to fill in any spots you have missed and make your eyebrows look that bit more natural.

Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil (not pictured)
One of the simplest but actually most exciting items I received has to be this one. You can get your brows looking groomed to perfection with all of the other products, but with this product you can leave them illuminated too.

This glittery little crayon can be used just under your eyebrow arch in order to give the appearance that brows are lifted. It adds a little shimmer that really helps to frame them – a real winner in my eyes!

So, as great as all this must sound, do you want to know what the best part is? The most expensive item in this round up is just £3.99 - can’t get fairer than that. You can find the range at local Boots and Superdrug stores, or from Rimmel’s website. Head on over and get shopping, before the whole world reads this blog post and fills their baskets!

*This blog post contains PR samples.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The Makeup Wipes You Need To Know About*

I binned my makeup wipes some time ago, when I discovered the wonders of micellar water. Since switching, I have come to realise how much of a poor job I must have been doing over the years at taking my makeup off and I certainly haven’t looked back since.

That was, until I received some of Nivea’s Daily Essentials 3 in 1 Cleansing Micellar Wipes.

Drenched in Nivea’s award winning Sensitive Caring Micellar Water, they have been developed to allow for simple yet effective makeup removal, offering a gentle yet thorough cleansing experience. Enriched with Vitamin E, the wipes leave even the most sensitive skin feeling nourished and the clever technology means eyelashes are protected.

Micellar water is made up of ‘micelles’, microscopic water and fat loving molecules that work to remove even the smallest particles of dirt and makeup like a magnet.

I’ve recently started using the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara and if you have tried it, you’ll know it can be mega difficult to remove. These wipes whipped it off with no problem and didn’t cause any harm to my lashes in the process. You can also use them on your lips to remove those super long-lasting lipsticks at the end of the day.

Nivea’s years of research into cleansing is certainly evident with this product. I have never come across a wipes that take off so much makeup and they stay really wet, which just serves to make the process even easier.

If it wasn’t abundantly clear already, I am a big fan of these. The day’s makeup is easily absorbed without damaging the skin’s natural layer. In fact, skin feels soft and smooth after each use and fully prepped for your toner and moisturiser.  

So where can you pick these up yourself? Currently, the 3 in 1 Nivea Cleansing Micellar Wipes can be picked up at Boots stores for just £3.15.
*Includes PR samples.