Sunday, November 27, 2016


November’s Glossybox had a variety of things to try, the majority of which were from brands I haven’t heard of before – so that is always exciting.

111SKIN – Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask
The first, which really attracted my attention, was a Gold Brightening Face Mask. I love to include masks in my skincare regime, as they tend to contain a higher concentration of active ingredients than your average moisturisers, cleansers and other products.
This one has been designed to fit to your skin like a second skin and has a cooling effect. It has three key ingredients; arbutin, silk amino acids and centella asiatica. These combine to brighten and regenerate your skin while also stimulating collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines.
It’s one of the brand’s most popular products and it’s pretty clever too. The time it takes to dry on your skin is indicative of how healthy your skin is. If it dries before the allotted twenty minutes of wearing it is up, this draws attention to the fact there are areas of your skin which need a little more attention.
My skin is looking a little tired lately, so I am excited to see what this can do in terms of livening it up a little.
Usual price: £20                Available here

RUBY PROFESSIONAL – Large Tapered Blending Brush
Next up, a new eyeshadow brush from Irish brand Ruby Professional. Lately, I have got a bit more experimental with my eye makeup, stepping away from the safe shades of golds and browns that I usually favour and getting a little bit more colourful. I definitely think I have picked up a few more tips and tricks and I think part of that is learning which tools to use to get the best results.
This brush is quite big and fluffy, but the bristles are still quite firm which makes it perfect to blend out your shadow and soften your look. The brush is also cruelty free, which is fantastic too.
Usual price: €8                   Available here

NANOGEN – Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray
I had never heard of Nanogen products before and certainly not this spray so naturally, I did a little research.
Nanogen have been producing hair thickening products for ten years, establishing themselves as a worldwide leader in hair care. They have worked with a host of A listers and people in the public eye, striving to achieve thicker and healthier hair. The spray I received is just one of the products from their range, which also includes thickening heat protection spray, shampoos and conditioners.
I haven’t tried this yet, but I am intrigued to see the effect it has on my locks. I have always been lucky enough to have quite thick hair although, it has definitely thinned as I have got older. It’ll be interesting to see if this offers a little restoration.
Nanogen currently has 25% for Black Friday. You can find the rest of their products here

DE BRUYER BEAUTÉ – Jumbo Eye Pencil
As soon as I pulled the lid off this product, I knew it would be a favourite over the next few months. This eye pencil, which comes in the colour ‘Bubble’ is a metallic grey gold shade which is great for the festive season.
It has a lovely creamy formula so is really blendable and it feels so light to wear. Certainly one to try if you are looking to up the ante with your smokey eye, I am really pleased with this product.
Usual retail price: €15                     Available here    
WILKINSON SWORD – Quattro for Women Disposable Razors
The only brand in this month’s box I’ve ever tried – and already knew I would like! A girl needs a good razor and Wilkinson Sword have long been my go-to brand. Disposable razors are definitely my preference; the price you pay for razors and blades, I just find it so much easier to go with throwaways which do just as good a job.
I haven’t used these exact ones before, but I can say from experience that the Quattro razors are very good. They are high performing, giving you a close shave and super soft skin afterwards. I can’t be the only fans either, given that these are the winners of the Pure Beauty Awards 2016! Just opening the packet of these as well, you are met with the super fruity raspberry scent as the handles are specially scented. I’m ‘berry’ happy with these babies!
Usual price: £5.69 for 3                  Available here

Lastly, I received a little Raffaello sweet. Certainly my least favourite, as it contains nuts! Yuck…


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