Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How To Have A Happy Halloween with Lush

With Halloween right around the corner, naturally I've been getting into the spirit with one of my favourite activities - perusing the aisles of Lush for ghoulish bath time goodies!

Read on for my top picks...

Monsters Ball

I used this on Sunday night and I can already say I'm gutted that it won't be part of the usual range. When dropped into the water, it fizzes and bubbles to create a beautiful array of colours.

As well as containing a dash of lime oil and nerolio oil, the eye in the centre of the bath bomb is made using cocoa butter which means that you get a really smoothing bath. The combination of ingredients means this one also has a really lovely fragrance - and I am definitely going to buy another (five) before this stops getting stocked!

Lord of Misrule

I bought this bath bomb in the Oxford Street Lush branch. I'd never been there before and I just couldn't believe the size of the store - two floors of Lush products is almost too good to be true.

I asked one of the members of staff which of the Halloween products she would recommend and she reached for this one, then demonstrating it for me on one of their big sinks.

Once this green bath bomb hits the water it begins to fizz around furiously as expected, before slowly starting to change colour. After a few minutes, the pale green shade had turned into a deep blood red. I was suitably impressed!

This has an almost earthy scent, undoubtedly the result of the use of pepper oil and patchouli, which I really like too.


I picked this up purely based on its cuteness, but it was definitely a good choice.

I'm a really big fan of bath melts; they soak right into the water and always leave my skin feeling fabulous because of the super moisturising cocoa butter.

This melt also contains floral and citrus oils, ginger and sandalwood which combine to calm, cleans and condition. I can't wait to use this one!

Sparkly Pumpkin

They certainly weren't lying when they called this one sparkly!

Without doubt, this bubble bar is the glitziest Lush product I have ever bought and actually, it does remind me a little of the coach from Cinderella - mid fairy godmother magical transformation anyway!

Bubble bars aren't something I have really got on well with in the past; I can never get enough bubbles and always seem to make a big mess when using them. Given the amount of glitter on this bar, I imagine this time mess will still be an issue, but one of the shop assistants gave me all her best tips on how to get the best bubbles so I am hopeful that this time my bath will be as frothy as I want it to be!

The addition of grapefruit and juniper oil is used to leave skin feeling banished and refreshed. The glitter will just leave you looking glitzy for the rest of the day!

Have you headed to Lush yet? What are your top bath time recommendations?


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