Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Learning to take a break with The Body Shop

I like to be busy. In fact, I thrive on it and as a result, you will often find me cramming more things into a standard 24 hours than is probably reasonably possible! While that is a choice, there’s no denying that it can get just a bit tiring. 

My full time job is pretty demanding at this time of the year and combining that with keeping up with regular blog content, my new weekly photography class and fitness classes can mean that sometimes it is a little bit difficult to squeeze in some time to unwind. When things are non-stop, it is easy to forget that it is important to give yourself bit of a break.

‘A break’ doesn’t have to mean a holiday to a tropical destination, relaxing weekend away or a trip to the spa. In fact for me lately, ‘a break’ is settling down with a good book after a nice hot shower with some fab new products. Lately, I am really loving The Body Shop range for the busy working woman.

A few weeks ago, I got some of their bath and shower products for their birthday. Such as a shower cream, shower gel and shower lily which, FYI, does not feel like you are rubbing sandpaper over your bod after just a few uses. 

I have a coconut cream and satsuma gel. Initially I thought perhaps it was a slightly bizarre combination, but actually I find they work out quite well with my moods. If I need waking up, I'm all about the fruity satsuma. When I'm looking to relax in the evening, I'll go for the softer coconut scent.

I've always admired the great quality of The Body Shop's products and the fact that you don't have to fork out a great amount for them. Side note: they are also all cruelty-free and natural, which makes them extra good. 

These products are really kind to my skin and really moisturising - basically a god send when lately I've just been throwing myself into bed of an evening with no regard for my basic beauty regime. 

When I'm tired/lazy, I am ALL about the 2 in 1 beauty bits especially when the three bits in total only cost about £10.

I've been really surprised at the fact I have found that even something as little as having some nicer shower products to use at the end of a long day, can just make you feel that bit better, lifting your mood just a bit higher.

And really, couldn't we all use that?


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Glossybox - September 2016

I cancelled my Glossybox membership a year or so ago, as I wasn’t impressed with the samples I was receiving, but when I saw the September box I swiftly changed my mind and headed straight to the website to order myself one. 
The contents of this month’s box was selected by Annabel Ferguson, Beauty Director for Red Magazine and the products included are certainly top picks in my opinion. 

Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Waterproof Mascara 
I have been meaning to try this mascara for ages and very nearly picked it up when I was in Sephora in Barcelona back in July, but in the end, I stuck with my old faithful Rollerlash instead. I’ve seen this really raved about, so to see that it was included in the box was very exciting. 
From the first time I tried it, I was thoroughly impressed. The combination of hourglass-shaped brush and collagen-fuelled formula immediately lengthened my usually pale lashes, leaving my eyes framed without the need for my statement liquid eyeliner. 
I love how easy it is to build up the coats for a really full lash and it does last really well throughout the day. The only drawback is that, given the mascara is waterproof, when it comes to taking it off I have found it is much harder to remove! 
The full size bottle retails for around £19.

Rodial Smokey Eye Pen
I love a smokey eye and this is just the perfect tool. It is really pigmented and super versatile; you can create really neat lines or easily blend it out to get the look you desire. 
I haven’t experimented too much with this one yet, but I love how jet black and bold it is. 
Retailing at £17, it’s slightly more than I would usually spend on an eyeliner, so I don’t think this would be something I would have picked up ordinarily.

GOSH Copenhagen Long Lasting Lip Marker in ‘Soft Rose’
If you are looking to make a statement with your lip colour this Autumn, this is definitely one for you. 
‘Soft Rose’ is a very girly and slightly Barbie-esque shade. It probably wouldn’t be the first one I would pick up from the shelves, but it suits me far better than I expected it to. I love that Glossybox gives you the option to try things that you may not have normally picked for yourself. 
This retails at £8.50, which I think is pretty standard for a lip stain. I haven’t tested the longevity of this yet, but it claims to last for hours!

Revlon Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat
I love nail varnish; I have far too many and currently no intention to stop buying more. Quite simply, I am the girl with the colour for every occasion and that is why, when I found this little one in my Glossybox I was decidedly shocked that I hadn’t heard of it before. 
Formulated with Diamond Flex Technology, this top coat is designed to withstand chipping and give you a long-lasting salon shine. 
I’ve tried similar products by other brands, so I am looking forward to seeing how this one measures up to its competition. You can pick up your own in Boots and Superdrug for £7.99.

As we get ready to fully turn our backs on summer and brace ourselves for the colder weather, I am getting a head start with my routine by ensuring I continue to drink lots of water, cleanse, tone, moisturise and try out the odd face mask. 
In this month’s box there were too to try;

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask
This is a reasonably new release from The Body Shop and the vegetarian formula is designed to unclog skin and expel any impurities, leaving you with a glowing complexion. After use, skin should be deeply cleansed and appear much healthier. 
I am looking forward to trying this one evening this week, because I have suddenly found myself with a bunch of pesky spots that I could really do without! Hormones, eh?
You can purchase this from The Body Shop for £15.

Vitamasques Hydro Face Mask 
This reminds me a lot of the Garnier Moisture Bomb mask that I tried last week and if it is anything like that one, I will be certainly be pleased.
I think I will be leaving this one until my skin feels a bit more weather beaten so I can really test how good it is. Inspired by Korean technology, it is expect to keep skin moisturised for up to 120 hours – which is quite a tall order!
I will be sure to include this in another post when I have gotten around to testing it properly but, in the meantime if you are keen to test this out yourself, you can grab your own from Vitamasques online for £7.99.

I hope that was a useful round up and you enjoyed my thoughts on this months box. If you received slightly different items, I would love to hear about them in the comments below. 


Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Perfect Statement Lashes You Just Have To Try

I love livening up a makeup look with a great false lash, so I was really excited to be sent some new ones to try from Demure Lashes. 

I received some 'Malia' lashes, which are the perfect statement lash for an evening out. They add a great amount of length, which really gives your eyes the 'wow factor'.  

Made from 100% sterilised premium human hair, they are really lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The tips of the lashes are tapered so while they are perfect for adding a touch of drama to that smokey eye, they also have quite a natural feel too. 

Each pair of lashes come with latex free adhesive, which actually has an iridescent appearance so has an almost blue tinge when applied to the lash. It goes tacky reasonably quickly and dries much clearer than some other glues I have tried. 

In terms of the price tag, these are an absolute bargain as they retail at just £4.00! When you consider that all Demure Lashes are reusable, you really are getting fantastic value for your money. Also, If you act fast, at the moment you can buy three pairs of the Malia lash for just £12 on their website.

I really loved the look these lashes help to create and I really can't wait for the next time that I can flutter them on an evening out!