Thursday, August 04, 2016

Tease Those Tangles: The Hairbrush You Just Have To Buy

How excited can you really get about a hairbrush? Well, it turns out, very...

A little while ago, I was watching Snapchat videos and saw Leanne Lim Walker was talking about a new one that she had gotten - the Tangle Teezer Compact. In spite of the fact that I was already hoarding about five hairbrushes, I was completely taken in and adamant that I also needed this one in my collection too.

I have a Tangle Teezer, but this one is different. It is really compact and, as it comes complete with a lid, can be chucked in your handbag and you'll be safe in the knowledge the bristles won't get damaged... and your bag won't be full of hair.

And while that is a sweet little advantage, the real selling point is how good it is on your hair. When my locks were battling the humidity and chlorine in sunny Spain, this hair godsend kept my tresses tamed.

Also, unlike some brushes, it is also great to use when hair is wet and blow dries as the thin bristles help to separate hair and ultimately help it dry more quickly. When you have hair as long as I do, I can't tell you what a blessing THAT is.

At around £8, this is slightly more than I might usually pay for a brush, but in this case, it was worth the money. It is has really improved the condition of my hair, so I certainly can't argue with that.

I picked my Tangle Teezer compact up on Ebay in the limited edition 'Lulu Guinness' design, though I could actually see myselwith one in every colour!

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