Monday, August 08, 2016

My first foray into one hour tanning!

This blog is testament to the fact that I have tried a whole host of fake tan, but recently, I expanded my horizons a little and experimented with one hour tanning.


I’m impatient and sometimes forgetful, so the idea of being able to slap on some fake tan last minute and only have to wait an hour to have a golden glow sounds pretty perfect to me. When you couple that with the fact my boyfriend absolutely detests it when I climb into bed next to him coated in longer developing tan that he hates the smell of, I am just kicking myself I hadn’t thought of trying these express products before now. 

Having loved the other products of theirs that I had used in the past, I decided to pick up some He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan. I had heard (and seen) great things about it, so I figured I would test it out for myself.

I wasn’t disappointed. As somebody who is exceptionally pale, I have to be really careful when I tan to try and get as natural a colour as possible. Some tans I have tried in the past look quite subtle once you’ve washed off the excess and then leaving you standing out like a beacon when you take your freshly bronzed pins outside. 

Thankfully, that is not the story with this one. 

The formula is somewhere between a lotion and an oil, so in the very first instance, it is really easy to rub evenly into skin. It also has a good guide colour, so you are not left worrying that you have skipped over any bits. It dries within a couple of minutes and isn’t sticky, which is a particular advantage. I tend to apply it in the evening and then re-dress in some short pj’s while I am waiting for it to develop. 

After an hour, the tan develops considerably and leaves you subtly bronzed. The colour was natural, not orangey and, in short believable – which made me feel really confident. 

After the first use, I generally applied it once a week. Sometimes I can be a real nightmare at remembering to moisturise every day, but it is essential in ensuring the longevity of your tan. 

All in all, the bottle probably lasted me about a month and a half and considering the frequency with which I was using it, I thought that was quite reasonable. It retails at £22.50 in Boots so it is slightly on the higher end price wise, but with this product, I certainly think you are paying for the quality.

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