Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Charming Birthday Gift

On the 22nd August, I turned 24 and I have to say I was truly lucky to have received some really wonderful gifts. 

Today, I want to talk to you about one in particular, which was definitely the best wrapped present I received.

We took full advantage of the Bank Holiday and headed out to celebrate on Saturday, when one of my friends turned up with a piñata. 

The big kid in me has wanted one for years and so I was super excited for an excuse to prance round my living room, haphazardly hitting this thing in an effort to reveal the goods inside. When I finally got it open, there were all my favourite sweets!

In fact, I was so taken in by that my friend actually had to point out that there was another gift inside; a wonderful Chamilia charm.

She got me an adorable cocktail charm to add to my bracelet, which came complete with little lemon slice and straw. We definitely bonded over our love of cocktails in Tenerife last year and so this was so apt. In fact, I bought her a cocktail making kit for her birthday back in February, so we were definitely on the same wavelength! 

I loved my gift in a gift and this new addition sits perfectly with the two other new charms I got for my birthday (which I'll be sharing in a later post). 

How charming! 


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