Thursday, July 21, 2016

My first trip to Sephora!

I spent last week in sunny Spain, where we spent one day exploring Barcelona. While wandering around, I noticed somebody with a Sephora bag. I hadn’t realised there was a Sephora in Barcelona and considering we don’t have one in the UK – I just had to find the store. 

After perusing the aisles for quite some time (my boyfriend will back me up on that one!) and swatching extensively, I decided on a couple of things from Kat Von D’s range. It was a true exercise in self-restraint to not spend all of my Euro’s in one go, but, given it was only day two of the holiday I thought it best to play the responsible adult and not peak to early with my spending!

I’ve seen loads of my favourite bloggers with the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, so I immediately gravitated towards those. After trying pretty much all of them, I settled with ‘Lolita. 

Given that the majority of my lipsticks are in quite muted tones, this one is a step outside my usual comfort zone. That said, it doesn’t hurt to try something new and I really loved the way the colour came out. 

‘Lolita’ got its first outing at a recent party I went to and I was really impressed. It definitely stood up to its name, lasting really well even despite the amount of burgers I ate from the BBQ. It's  got a long applicator, which I always find easier to handle, and there's a mechanism in the bottle which pops the applicator back out of you haven't screwed it up properly. Sure to be a life saver when hastily applying lippy on the go. I predict this shade getting an extra lot of use when we hit Autumn.

I also picked up one of the Studded Kiss Lipsticks. This range has some fantastic names, like 'Vampira', 'Thin Lizzy' and 'Wolvesmouth' (which I very nearly went away with!) but I decided to get 'Lovecraft'.

Its in complete contrast to 'Lolita', 'Lovecraft' is matte and a pinky mauve shade. I keep getting drawn to these type of colours but while I have got some similar, 'Lovecraft' stands out for being a matte - but giving a frosty appearance when worn.

Everyone knows how much of a nightmare it is when your latest matte lippy leaves your lips feeling drier than sandpaper, but you certainly won't experience that with this. It's a really lightweight formula and I'm really impressed with how it seems to have matte and satin qualities all at once. It's a super versatile colour and I love that it's a little bit girlier than 'Lolita'.

So, would I buy them again? Definitely. I found that some of the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks were just a bit too dark for me, so I'm a little bit limited there. However, there are certainly more Studded Kiss lipsticks finding their way on to my wishlist!

Both products retailed for around €20 at the time of purchasing (though it would be futile to covert that to pounds given the ever fluctuating exchange rates) and can be bought from Sephora, online or in store. 


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