Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Budget Eye Shadow Palette Taking The Beauty World By Storm: MUR XBritish Beauty Blogger

As soon as I laid my eyes on the Fortune Favours the Brave palette, I knew it was something that I just had to get my hands on. The result of a fabulous collaboration between budget beauty brand Makeup Revolution and Jane Cunningham, a.k.a British Beauty Blogger, it’s made up of 30 beautiful shades meaning there is a little something for everyone.

Originally slated for January release, this was then pushed back until March because, by her own admission, Jane wanted it to be ‘just right’. In my personal opinion, it was definitely worth the wait. 

Unlike many other MUR products, this palette comes in a beautiful matte gold casing which really makes it stand out. Despite the fact it holds 30 shadows, it still manages to remain sleek and compact in it’s design. There's a brush included in the middle, which while not of astonishing quality, is a nice little addition. 

I like a lot of selection when it comes to eye shadows, so this set ticked all the boxes for me. It's made up of everything from smooth mattes to glitter packed shimmery shades. 

What really impressed me, though it is unfortunately not as clear as I would have liked in my swatches is how incredibly pigmented the shadows are. They are very buildable, they wear well throughout the day and I've noticed very little fallout. Another perk for me is that they blend really easy, meaning achieving a classic smokey eye is much less work.

The palette retails for £9.99 and it's worth every penny. There's a such a fantastic range of shades that you're not short of choice when it comes to what looks to create. Its very versatile with some really wearable colours for daytime, and then the added darker tones if you want to vamp it up in the evening. 

In my opinion, Fortune Favours the Brave is a really strong rival for the popular high end shadow palettes; it has all of the fantastic qualities and at just a fraction of the price. Certainly, it's another success for Makeup Revolution - and for Jane too. 



  1. I like your blogpost! Amazing colours :)

    Xx Sarah www.wonderlandblog.de

  2. Great post!! Tried to find this online and it said they were sold out/unavailable :( currently looking through the other makeup revolution palettes, do you have any recommendations? I'm eyeing up flawless 32 at the moment and trying to pick between that and a Morphe palette :)

    1. Oh no! I'm not surprised that these have flown off the shelves though. I haven't tried any other eyeshadow palettes, but a friend of mine just bought the Naked Chocolate palette and she spoke really highly of it. I definitely think a MUR would be a slightly cheaper option haha! x

  3. I've seen this everywhere lately and I'm not surprised! The spectrum of shades are divine and look at that pigmentations! Bravo MUR + Jane!

    Musings & More

    1. It's basically everything I would ever want from an eyeshadow palette - and it helps the price isn't bank breaking either! Such a great product x