Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The £2.99 Wonder Product For Skin That You Just Have To Try...

I love discovering new products that work really well for me and I really love it, when I find that they don't with a super expensive price tag!

A few weeks ago, while doing a spot of beauty shopping in Superdrug, my friend headed to the Vitamin E skincare selection. Though I had used various products in the past which contained it, I hadn't tried anything before which had Vitamin E as the primary ingredient. Needless to say, I was quite intrigued.

To give a brief overview, Vitamin E is a multi functional antioxidant which is thought to have a whole host of benefits when used on the skin. Vitamin E protects skin, by helping to neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals, which can damage cells. It is also believed to combat the signs of aging and minimise wrinkles, as well as being good treating sunburn.

My friend spoke really highly of the Vitamin E Facial Oil and it's moisturising properties, so I decided I would give that a try. A 30ml bottle cost just £2.99, which I think is a real bargain especially given that typically oils are not something you need to use buckets of. Well, not if you don't want to feel like you've just been doused in chip fat anyway...

Keen to test out my new buy, I began using it in the evenings after taking off all of my makeup, however, I have read that some people do opt to use this over typical makeup removers. I use the oil in place of my moisturiser, as it is definitely too much to wear both!

While the oil helps to defend skin from environmental damage, one of its other primary benefits is how intensely moisturising it is for skin. I have been using it to specifically target drier areas of my face; between my eyebrows, my nose, a little and a little around my chin. As I said before, it's easy to get a little overexcited with oils, but you really don't need to use a lot.

After just a few days of using the oil, I could really see a marked improvement. My troublesome dry patches had really reduced and within a fortnight, all but gone completely. I have now cut down from using the oil every day, to every couple of days using my usual moisturise in between, to try and keep my skin balanced. I am conscious about not putting too much extra oil onto my skin in case it triggers a breakout.

All in all though, I think this has been a really great find. I've since read that it is also great for using on dry cuticles, as well as a conditioning agent for hair - so you are certainly getting your money's worth out of this.

Superdrug has a range of other Vitamin E based products which I will definitely be sampling in the near future. You can find them all here. Personally, I've got my eye on the serum and body scrub...


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