Friday, February 12, 2016

Say 'I Love You' with Lush - Valentines Haul

These days, I rarely get the time to switch off from the outside world and soak in the bath. But when I do, it's nice to indulge and Lush is always my first port of call for bath time goodies.

With Valentines Day around the corner, the theme of love is evident in the brands latest offerings. So, naturally when I popped into my local store recently, I had to grab a bit of everything to try.

Here's what I bought... 

Lover Lamp

I'm always drawn in my bath bombs that are super moisturising and so this one was a must. Along with chocolate orange, orange oil and vanilla, this little white bath bomb also contains some delicate red hearts. 

When the bath bomb fizzes out, the hearts float out and then melt into your bath.  Given they are made from Fairtrade Cocoa Butter, this softens your bath water and is super moisturising to skin.

It's one of my favourites from the bunch I bought (hence why it came first...), particularly because I love the addition little red hearts and how great my skin felt after use. It retails at £.395 - but it's worth it!

Think Pink

I debated whether I wanted this one - that was until the assistant in my local Lush dropped it into a bowl of water.

When the bath bomb meets the water, lots of pink and white rice paper confetti hearts start coming out (there's a theme here). With that, bathtime turned super girly as the water also went shade of Barbie pink. It is supposed to give off sweet vanilla fragrance with a caramelly undertone, from the use of tonka. I didn't really notice that, but it smells good nonetheless.

If you're looking for a bright and funky bath, this ones for you. It retails at £2.65.

Sex Bomb

I love the pink and purple colour of this bath bomb and the addition of the little rose at the top. When the it enters the bath, the rose expands and the petals float around - cute!

Putting that aside though, I do think it's got a great name which I presume comes in part from the fact that it includes jasmine - an ancient aphrodisiac. This bath bomb is formulated to be a 'sensual healer' - helping to relax and sooth any anxieties and ultimately leaving you in the moooood. How perfect for Valentines! 

This one retails at £3.50.

Tisty Tosty (Special Edition)

This one heart shaped bath bomb is based on a medieval love poem - he loves me, he loves me not.

While the normal edition is  a regular Lush product this one is a Valentines Day special - and it's very apt for the day of lurrrrve.  Containing real rose buds and rose oil, it has quite a strong floral scent, which can also be attributed to the inclusion of geranium and floral orris powder.  

Like a bathtime bouquet, this is a really lovely choice and retails at £3.50.


Moving on from the more romantic Valentines theme of the other four, this one is a great choice for giving your body a little TLC.

Designed for dry, sensitive or irritated skin, this bath bomb also contains cocoa butter. When they melt, your skin becomes coated in a 'buttery film' and I can definitely vouch for that having tried this a few times now.

I like this one is I feel like I need a little pick me up and it's a real bargain, retailing at just £2.65.

Floating Island

The only non bath bomb item that ended up in my basket, this is a bath oil which looks and smells good enough to consume while. No joke. While again it doesn't fit with the Valentines theme, it's a great buy. 

My brain tells me that this is a white chocolate truffle with a vanilla garnish, but in fact this is not the case. Supposed to give connotations of a tropical island destinations, with the vanilla pods used to look like palm trees dotted on the shore, this melts and turns bath water silky smooth.

Containing almond oil, cocoa butter as well as lemon and sandalwood oil, this one is a real treat. It's another bargain buy too at just £2!

And that concludes my Lush roundup! What products are you loving lately? Drop me a comment below...



  1. I have lover lamp but I'm yet to try it! It looks so pretty :) and I love the scent of Sex Bomb. Floating Island looks really interesting even though it isn't valentines related haha.

    Hana | ♥

  2. It's lovely! I snuck a couple in there which weren't particularly Valentines themed, but just good to give yourself a little pamper! xx