Wednesday, May 11, 2016

H&M Beauty Haul

When I discovered that H&M, one of my favourite fashion retailers, was expanding to include beauty products, I was ecstatic and took myself off sharpish to purchase some goodies and after some thorough testing I can finally share my review!

When I got to the store, my obsessive compulsive tendencies were completely satisfied when I saw that all of the eye shadows and nail polishes were neatly laid out in colour order. What's more, for someone like me who has hundreds of nail varnishes, it's really helpful that for each shade there is a little plastic nail with the colour painted on so you don't have to guess from the bottle. In theory, enabling me to ascertain which ones I already have so I stop buying doubles. Like I said, 'in theory'...

There's also hair care, makeup brushes, cleansers, lotions... the list goes on!

So what did I buy...?

Nail Varnish

Miraculously, I actually managed to leave the store with just the one nail varnish, the lovely 'Mauve It On Up'. It's a really nice versatile shade, and to be honest, I quite liked the name.

I was curious about how long it would last given I hadn't tried any of the beauty products before. Honestly, I needn't have questioned it as this lasted better than some of the drugstore polishes that I have used in the past and it had a super shiny finish using just two coats.
Cost: £2.99


Keeping up with the mauve theme, I also picked up a shadow. 'Yes Darling' is slightly darker when used for a smokey eye as you can really build up the colour.

 It's not glittery as such, but more shimmery. I think this makes it a bit more muted, so it's a good one for day or nighttime. Office to dancefloor! You know, if you have the energy to actually make it to the dancefloor after a long day at work.
Cost: £4.99

Lipstick Pencil
I swatched a fair few lipsticks and liners before I settled on a lipstick pencil. They come in some really nice colours, and have a really glossy high shine finish. 

I chose 'Saudade', a berry shade, as in my personal opinion you can't really have too many of these. It's super glitzy, and it does last well. 
Cost: £4.99

Makeup blending sponge
I was really in need of one of these, and the ones in H&M are just £1.99 - much cheaper than some others that I have seen. While I liked that it was crisp and white when I bought it, naturally it didn't stay this way for long and the colour just serves to make it more obvious that it needs a good wash frequently.

That aside, it blended my makeup really well which was particularly impressive given how reasonably priced it was.
Cost: £1.99

Overall, I was super impressed with the beauty department. There is an incredible range of products on offer, and not at bank breaking prices! I definitely need to head back and try some more new things. Next up is definitely some haircare as I have already seen other bloggers rating this really highly.

Have you sampled H&M Beauty? What did you purchase? Let me know in the comments below. 

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