Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Remember your teenage makeup bag? Well recently I got to thinking about mine and how, in the 10 or so years (sobs heavily!) since I first started experimenting with cosmetics, it has undergone nothing short of a dramatic transformation. Think ‘Extreme Makeover: Beauty Collection Edition.’

I was inspired to do a little ‘Then and Now’ post, in part by a snapchat story from Em Ford over at My Pale Skin Blog. While scanning the makeup aisles, she paused on a Maybelline foundation. THAT Maybelline foundation, which I had long long forgotten, had once stood pride of place on my dressing table – and it wasn't the only thing that a greater product knowledge (and disposable income) has led me to wave goodbye to.

Foundation and Concealer
No doubt to my skin’s delight, I was late to discover the perks of foundation. While these days I opt for a liquid base, back then I was more interested in mousses and 3 in 1 wonders.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
The clue being in the name, this mousse foundation was silky smooth to touch. When it came to blending it across the face however, despite being a reasonably thick formula it was a bit of a nightmare to apply with brush or sponge and I never found that it lasted me very long. It definitely gave me a matte finish, but it was a bit on a patchy side.
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Collection (2000) 3 in 1 Compact Foundation
A quick scout of the internet leads me to believe that this product is no longer made in its former guise – but back in the day, I assure you I thought it was the coolest thing ever. A powder based product, if I remember correctly, the idea of this was to wet a sponge before dabbing in the powder to get foundation and concealer, and then finish off by applying the powder with a dry sponge or brush to get a dry matte finish.
Though it had a real space saving design, which admittedly made it super easy to reapply at school lunch breaks, this product got a thumbs down. It did need re-application, and getting all three of these products for under a tenner in a handy set was always going to be too good to be true.

I’ve bought a couple of foundations this year I have been really impressed with, namely MAC’s Studio Fix and Boots No7 Stay Perfect. I now prep my skin with a good primer, and coupling my foundation with concealers such as Benefit’s Bo-Ing means I have a lasting face base I can rely on. Bingo!

Strobing, contouring, blushing and bronzing also now feature in my makeup routine, and alas, my complexion is far less ghostly!


When I first started using mascara, I generally stuck to the brown ones which I thought would be better suited to my super light colouring. Given that my eyelashes are pretty light, I soon moved onto black and waterproof versions realising these were what was really going to make my eyes POP!

Back then I tended to stay loyal to Rimmel; I loved their Super Lash Mascara and to this day it’s still an old faithful, and a snip at under £6. I never got on with those ginormous brushes that claimed to create incredible curves, so this (and the now discontinued original Glam Eyes) was always a great choice for me.

The worst mascara I have ever used was undoubtedly the Loreal Telescopic Explosion. I was completely drawn in by the glossy Eva Longoria adverts, that I saved for this one only to find it was a complete and utter disaster product that left my lashes with either big clumps of mascara – or none at all.

Super Lash still has a special place in my makeup bag, alongside Benefit's fantastic Roller Lash. The 'Hook and Roll' brush is just what my lashes have been looking for, as it coats well and leaves them a little curled. A real victory for the girl with super straight eyelashes! 

Lipstick and Glosses

Remember those lip glosses which had a little rollerball in the top? I used to apply a (too) generous amount and admire how on point my pout was.

I wasn't one for lipsticks, and am pleased to say that I was never one for the vile candy floss pink lipstick which seemed to be favoured by most other girls in my school. Nah...

This year, I bought 'Velvet Teddy' - my first ever MAC lipstick. Sadly, this little indulgence started a mini obsession and I have since bought another 5 lipsticks, 4 lipglasses, and my wish list is forever growing. Thank goodness for Christmas. 

These days, I also appreciate the true benefit of tactically applied lip liner (thank you Kylie Jenner), and my go to look is no longer excessively applied lip gloss. 

While the products in my collection have changed over the years and I have developed a cosmetics hoarding problem, it's also worth mentioning that my makeup bag has also evolved to be about three times the size of what it once was. And understandably as a result, the days of getting your makeup done in five minutes is long gone. In fact, in that time I've barely even chosen the eyeshadow shades to use in my Urban Decay palette.

And so rounds up my little blast from the past! Have you got any products from your teenage makeup bag which you still love or now loathe? I'd love to hear about the evolution of your cosmetics collection in the comments below.



  1. Love this post so much, my eyelashes are like white and my mum always told me to buy brown mascara! Shameful, it must of looked awful! xx
    Jessica Ann ♥

  2. Haha this post is great! I never jumped on the bandwagon with dream matte mousse xx

    Jasmine || blogsallbeautyy