Sunday, October 11, 2015


I've always been a big fan of Aussie hair care products, and just recently I've been using two products which have left my locks in such luscious condition that I thought it would be unfair not to share them with you. I've been using Loreal Paris Elvive range I've been for a while now, and although I have absolutely no complaints there, I do like to switch my products up a little every now and then and Aussie is a brand I always come back to.

I am quite luckily to have generally quite glossy hair, but I like to maintain its condition with the Miracle Shine collection;

Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo

Formulated with Australian Ginseng extract, which boosts energy, and Pearl Powder, this shampoo is made to revitalise. It lifts dull and limp hair, leaving it glossy and silky smooth.
I squirt a just bigger than ten pence piece sized amount into my hand and rub it through my hair before washing it out. The shampoo has a fantastic scent and lathers up quickly, so you only need a small amount to cover your head. This coming from a girl in dire need of a trim, whose hair is set to rival Rapunzel's soon.

Aussie Miracle Recharge Leave-in Conditioning Shine Spray

Fresh from the shower, I towel dry my hair and spritz in some of this fab spray. I use this frivolously, all over my hair rather than just on the ends. Aussie advises that you comb it through and then, I quote ' read, whistle, dance... anything, as long as you don't rinse it out!'
I comb it through my hair, and then blow dry as normal. This contains the same Ginseng in the shampoo, and with an added beauty vitamin called Panthenol which is supposed to 'rekindle hair's spark'. It also enhances the fabulous scent of the shampoo also.

Having used both products for over a week now, I can honestly say it has left my locks looking radiant - and that's not just me being biased!

The shampoo comes in at £5.99 and the conditioner is £4.69, though if you shop around there are usually some offers if you buy two products together.It's certainly worth the money in my opinion!



  1. Ahh I love aussie products, I'd love to try that spray. Your hair looks gorgeous and so healthy! x

    1. I definitely recommend it! Thank you so much :) xx

  2. I love the idea of a spray in conditioner it sounds great!! I love anything which adds shine into my hair and these sound like great value ☺️

    Lucy |

    1. These are great and I think they will definitely be my go to products when my hair starts getting battered in the colder weather xx

  3. Love Aussie products so much, these have left your hair in gorgeous condition! I just bought the colour protect and looking forward to using it! xx
    Jessica Ann ♥

  4. I'm usually used to my TreSemme hair shampoo and conditioners but I know exactly what you mean by switching up your products every now and again. I usually get myself the mini Aussie shampoos to take on holiday, especially if I'm going somewhere hot because it always seems to make my hair look and feel so much better! The miracle shine one looks gorgeous, you can totally tell the effect it's had on your hair! xx