Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Review

I've seen fellow bloggers raving about Makeup Revolution for some time now, and a few weeks ago I though it was high time for me to try their products out for myself so I purchased the Ultra Base Corrector Palette.

When corrector palettes first came on the scene, I was a little underwhelmed and really did question how dramatically they could improve the look of your makeup. As a result, I started small by purchasing one of the Max Factor Colour Correctors. I picked up the one in yellow, specifically for use on under eye bags and I was reasonably pleased with it. If I'm honest, I forgot all about colour correction until the Makeup Revolution one dropped.

The palette contains 8 different shades, and at just £6, I thought it was an absolute steal. When I got it home, I was hoping there would be some kind of instruction for a novice like me about what shades to use where, although sadly there wasn't. That said, it didn't take too long to scour the internet for some - and then I was away!

The Makeup Revolution website lists the colour properties as below;

Pink - Brightens
Lavender - Neutralises yellow tones
Green - Neutralises redness
Orange - Neutralises blue tones
Peach - Helps to balance out slight discolouration
White - Adds natural highlight and brightens
Cream - Neutralises purple and covers dark areas
Brown - Balances ashiness in medium to dark skin tones

For my skin, the green, cream and pink are definitely proving to be the ones I reach for the most.

I tried out the green first, applying it to my chin, nose, and a little on my forehead. The texture of the correctors are really creamy and it's so easy to apply more than you need. My recommendation is to add a little and then work up if you need to. On my first attempt I totally overdid it and even with my normal makeup on top, I definitely had a look of Casper about me.

Provided you take note of the guidance above, the correctors are really easy to blend and I was really surprised how quickly I saw a difference when I was applying it. The green shade has proved invaluable when I've suffered a breakout, and I might even go so far as to say that the cream shade for under eye bags is actually better than my Max Factor Colour Corrector (£8.99). Who says paying that bit extra means you get the better product, hey?

I don't have a use for every colour in the palette, but at this price, I don't need to. I love that I have a bank of corrector shades just waiting if I'm struggling in a particular area on a given day. If I had to pick a flaw? The white highlighting shade is a little much for me; its actually more of a super shiny intergalactic silvery shimmer and I seemed to find it a little harder to blend than the others.

So, would I purchase this again? Definitely. Although, given how much I have used this already and how few signs of wear it is showing, I can't imagine I will need to be grabbing another one for some time.

After trying this, I will also certainly be grabbing some more Makeup Revolution goodies. It's incredible to find such great quality in a product so much cheaper than it's competitors, and I'm excited to check out more of their items in the future.

Got a favourite from Makeup Rev you think I should be using? Drop me a comment below!



  1. I've been tempted to buy this palette for a while now. Thanks for your post, it was really helpful! Looks like I'll need to go to Superdrug soon and pick this up =) xx


  2. Aww I'm so glad it was useful. Thank you for your lovely comment :) xx

  3. I've seen this palette on a few different bloggers channels! Love revolution products so think I might buy this on my next trip to boots! xx
    Jessica Ann ♥