Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Why You Need To Quit Fretting Over That 'Fitness Rut'

You’ve come in from a long Monday in the office, taken one look at your trainers and realised that your motivation levels have plateaued and any good intentions to go to the gym that evening appear to have all but completely disappeared throughout the day.

Know what you can do? Stop feeling bad about it for a start.

Recently, I've found myself in a bit of a 'fitness rut'. Its a real thing; even Womens Health are talking about it. Sometimes life just gets a bit in the way, and that meticulously planned workout regime goes shooting out the window...

Moved house? 'Oh well, lifting all these boxes has been enough hard work for today, I think it's time I just relax on my freshly delivered new sofa'
Holidays over? 'Well the bikini is back safely in the draw. Who needs sit ups?'
Just had a birthday? 'Birthday cake calories don't count = no reason to sweat them off' 

It's so easy to get out of the routine, to stop making time - and to make up those elaborate excuses as to why you're not making time. Even if my examples above are just a little far fetched, you get the idea.

Whatever your reasons the chances are, you are probably going to feel a little bad about it. Social media is saturated with people sharing gym tweets, progress pictures and general six pack selfies that might just leave you feeling a little guilty. And, well, they shouldn't.

Something I have recently discovered is that you should go at your own pace - and focusing on how far you've come - rather than how far there is to go - can ultimately  spur you on and make you realise just how well you've done. 

When I first started exercising, I couldn't run for three minutes without stopping and now I can do more than three miles. A few years ago, I wouldn't even attend a gym class because I was nervous people would laugh at my lack of fitness - now I'm always scoping out new ones I might enjoy. 

The key is to take it all in your own time. Having spent a good few weeks dragging myself to the gym, and barely staying long enough that my car parking was even worth it, I decided that it was time to take a break. To get back into exercising again when I was ready - when it's fun again not forced, and you aren't staring at your watch willing the time to go faster. 

For me, that 'ready' point came last week. One spin class quickly turned into two and followed by a Body Balance session (a yoga/pilates/tai chai combo), I feel like I am firmly getting back into the swing of things. I'm no longer closing my mind up to the idea of good workout and the result is that I am benefiting soooo much more from it.  

My fitness levels are not quite back at the level they were a few months ago (but hey, consistent exercise should improve it in no time), and after the three classes in four days I may be aching in all kinds of places, but all in all the good news is that my fitness mojo came back - and I am really happy to see it!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Review

I've seen fellow bloggers raving about Makeup Revolution for some time now, and a few weeks ago I though it was high time for me to try their products out for myself so I purchased the Ultra Base Corrector Palette.

When corrector palettes first came on the scene, I was a little underwhelmed and really did question how dramatically they could improve the look of your makeup. As a result, I started small by purchasing one of the Max Factor Colour Correctors. I picked up the one in yellow, specifically for use on under eye bags and I was reasonably pleased with it. If I'm honest, I forgot all about colour correction until the Makeup Revolution one dropped.

The palette contains 8 different shades, and at just £6, I thought it was an absolute steal. When I got it home, I was hoping there would be some kind of instruction for a novice like me about what shades to use where, although sadly there wasn't. That said, it didn't take too long to scour the internet for some - and then I was away!

The Makeup Revolution website lists the colour properties as below;

Pink - Brightens
Lavender - Neutralises yellow tones
Green - Neutralises redness
Orange - Neutralises blue tones
Peach - Helps to balance out slight discolouration
White - Adds natural highlight and brightens
Cream - Neutralises purple and covers dark areas
Brown - Balances ashiness in medium to dark skin tones

For my skin, the green, cream and pink are definitely proving to be the ones I reach for the most.

I tried out the green first, applying it to my chin, nose, and a little on my forehead. The texture of the correctors are really creamy and it's so easy to apply more than you need. My recommendation is to add a little and then work up if you need to. On my first attempt I totally overdid it and even with my normal makeup on top, I definitely had a look of Casper about me.

Provided you take note of the guidance above, the correctors are really easy to blend and I was really surprised how quickly I saw a difference when I was applying it. The green shade has proved invaluable when I've suffered a breakout, and I might even go so far as to say that the cream shade for under eye bags is actually better than my Max Factor Colour Corrector (£8.99). Who says paying that bit extra means you get the better product, hey?

I don't have a use for every colour in the palette, but at this price, I don't need to. I love that I have a bank of corrector shades just waiting if I'm struggling in a particular area on a given day. If I had to pick a flaw? The white highlighting shade is a little much for me; its actually more of a super shiny intergalactic silvery shimmer and I seemed to find it a little harder to blend than the others.

So, would I purchase this again? Definitely. Although, given how much I have used this already and how few signs of wear it is showing, I can't imagine I will need to be grabbing another one for some time.

After trying this, I will also certainly be grabbing some more Makeup Revolution goodies. It's incredible to find such great quality in a product so much cheaper than it's competitors, and I'm excited to check out more of their items in the future.

Got a favourite from Makeup Rev you think I should be using? Drop me a comment below!


Monday, September 07, 2015

Doughnut Milkshake Delights!

My boyfriend is better than yours. I arrived back from work a few weeks ago, only to be ushered out of my kitchen while The Boy informed me that he was going to be whipping up me up a little pre-birthday treat.

If you're an active user of well, any social media, you likely witnessed people going a little bit crazy over a crazy new Nutella doughnut milkshake combo.

While I like a bar of Galaxy as much as the next girl, chocoloate flavoured things aren't exactly my favourite thing. And, my lovely boyfriend took this into account when he created this healthier (marginally), fruity alternative.

The great thing about these little milkshakes is that they are really super easy to make! And they are quick too - my boyfriend had done them within 10 mins (though this definitely didn't include the clean up!)

1. In a blender, add around 3 scoops of ice cream. It's really up to you what ice cream you choose, but ours was made just using simple vanilla. 

2. With this, add around 150ml of milk (though this will depend on the size of your receptacle). Generally, the consistency should be quite thick. 

3. Hold the jar at a 45 degree angle and squirt the strawberry sauce around the rim, as you turn it.

4. Add the blended mixture.

5. Push the doughnut onto the top, and decorate with fruit around the top of the jar. They work best with jam doughnuts, although on this occasion we used rings.

6. Put a straw through the doughnut into the mixture.


If you missed the original, check it out below. Personally, I think the strawberry variation is FAR better!

People are losing their minds over these Nutella doughnut milkshakes
Photo credit: BreakfastinSydney/Instagram

Have you tried a doughnutty milkshake? If not, give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments below. Happy drinking!