Monday, June 08, 2015

No7 Stay Perfect Instant Tan Review*

I recently received some blogger mail in the form of a new instant tan from No7. As a naturally pale skinned lady, obtaining a natural tan is nigh on impossible for me so I do find myself reaching for the bottle in my attempts to achieve that summer glow. No7 is a brand of tan that I hadn't sampled before, so I was curious to see how this one would perform.

Firstly, I was really pleasantly surprised to find that this didn't come with the usual strong tan smell that could basically highlight to anyone in a 100 mile radius that you're faking it. This one actually smelt really pleasant, and not remotely over powering as can sometimes be the case. 

I set about slathering it onto my pins with my tanning mitt and was really impressed with how well it blends together. It was incredibly easy to avoid any lines or streaks, and it runs in well and is quick drying so it's really easy to build up colour without smearing. 

The shade I used was Light/Medium, which was a perfect match for me. It gave me really natural coverage, completely avoiding any Tango-esque faux pas'.

I wore it to an engagement party, and my outfit for the evening encompassed a white blazer. I thought this was the perfect test to see if the tan transferreed easily, even if I was a little concerned about the longevity of my favourite jacket if it did. Beauty bloggers got to do, what a beauty bloggers got to do and all that...

I needn't have worried, as my tan stayed completely intact - as did my outfit. And I managed to test the longevity of my tan even further when I got back so late couldn't be bothered to shower it off before bed. The next morning, I still had a healthy glow and no tell tale signs on my bed sheets either!

I'm so glad I got to give this a try, as I was really impressed with the results. The colour of this is much more subtle than with tans from other brand I've used, which definitely boosted my confidence wearing it - given that it actually looked realistic!

The price tag for a bottle is £12.50, which is probably a little more than I would ordinarily pay for an instant. That said, the formula did go a long way so I'd envision that it would last quite well. 

Overall, I really liked this No7 product and I'll definitely be reaching for it again in the future. 

*received as part of a Review Panel.

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