Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A treat for the tastebuds! 'Tesco Finest Free From Triple Chocolate Cookies' Review*

A little while ago, I was sent some vouchers to use on a Tesco must have product. There were a handful of items to choose from, but my sweet tooth led me to choose the 'Triple Chocolate Cookies' from the Tesco 'Free From' range.

Tesco's 'Free From' products are marketed as offering 'taste without compromise'. They are specifically designed to make it easier to handle food allergies, as they do not contain ingredients such as gluten, wheat and in some cases, dairy. The range, which impressively contains more than 350 products, aims to leave no one left out, providing great tasting food that can be enjoyed by all.

As someone who to their own knowledge has no intolerances, my sampling of such 'free produce' has been somewhat limited. While I am always open to introducing healthier alternatives to my diet, my own perception - however misplaced it may be - was that these might be a little 'lacklustre' in the flavour department. I mean, what if the gluten and wheat are the bits that make things taste SO good.

Upon trying the cookies, I can happily confirm this is not the case...

These delightfully moreish little treats are 'melt in your mouth' fantastic.The biscuit is crumbly, but with an almost gooey texture alongside it.  There's a rich chocolate coating along the bottom of the biscuit, as well as yummy choc chips within, so you are totally getting your sweet fix. 

I was really impressed with how great these tasted, and they completely exceeded my expectations. The prospect of a gluten free diet for one seems much less daunting, as it is so apparent with these that there is no compromise on flavour.

The downside of these? There weren't more in the packet. This was a particular issue given that my boyfriend liked them so much he polished off half a packet. Cheek!

These treats cost around £2 a packet, and should be found at most Tesco stockists. 


Monday, May 04, 2015

My sweet housewarming gift!

If you follow my movements on social media, you might know that I recently moved to a new home. While it's a super exciting time, it's also pretty stressful and four days later I still have a spare room of boxes I'm still mustering up the courage to face (more to come on that in a future blog post). On Saturday night however, I closed the door on all of that as I celebrated the big move during a little house warming soiree with the girls. 

With a much needed glass of Pink Moscato in hand, I excitedly greeted my guests ready to show off my new abode. After a quick once over, we settled down for some nibbles and I was presented with some lovely moving gifts. The Boy and I have been completely taken aback at how generous people have been since we announced we were moving and Saturday was exactly the same. 

As well as nice bottle of rosèI also received a delightful set of Yankee Candles - all of which I'd never come across before. My friend liked them so much, she said she even picked some up for herself! 

This little set of three is the perfect for a new home; a combination of scents that would just create the illusion that you are a fantastic baker without even getting your hands dirty.

Here's a little sneak peak inside the set;

Pain au Raisin - Even my boyfriend - who is incredible sensitive to any scent that could remotely be considered strong - likes this one. A real turn up for the books! This little Yankee pot comes from the French breakfast treat, with it's title translating to 'raisin bread'. The cinnamon undertones give it a sweet yet not overpowering fragrance - sealing it as my favourite in the set so far. 

Tarte Tartin - This candle also has French origins, designed to smell like the popular upside down dessert. While the scent is predominantly of sweet apple, there is also a touch of vanilla and spices to liven this up a little more. 

Cappuccino Truffle - This is perhaps the boldest fragrance of the three, combining the luxurious scent of roasted coffee with rich chocolate. While it's not my favourite of the three, the two flavours do compliment eachother well and would definitely sit well in the home of a chocoholic! You know, provided you remember it's NOT edible. 

I'm so impressed with this little set. Combined with the Strawberry Buttercream I already picked up for the new place, I'm building a great little collection of foodie scents. 

I believe the set retails for around £20 on online retailers, which is pretty reasonable when you consider the size of the candles. Small jars cost around £7.99 from the Yankee Candle website - so you're making a good little saving.

What's your favourite Yankee?