Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Weddings, Wildlife and Family Weekends: My Easter Break!

This Easter I took a well deserved break and headed back home for a week. In that time, I have been on a bit of a self imposed blog hiatus, so I thought I'd update you guys with what I'd been up to. While I may be a Hampshire habitant these days, I'll forever be a Cornish girl at heart and it's great to get back there when I can. 

Since my last trip back was a brief jaunt in order to attend a leaving do for my travelling pals (I've heard Aussie life is amazing by the way!), this time I had a lot to catch up on. 

I managed to squeeze in some lovely evenings with old friends; one of which told me that she'd just booked her wedding! Though she's jetting off abroad for the big event, the big UK celebration is just a day before my 23rd birthday. I'd already booked the beginning of September off for a belated bday break, a wedding do provided the perfect excuse to grab The Boy and head back just before as well.

Bring on the dress shopping!

I also made a trip to Dartmoor Zoo, which isn't too far from home. Sadly, my friend and I appeared to pick a particularly grey and rainy day to venture over there, but it was still a good trip out. If you've seen the film 'We Bought a Zoo', this is the place that it's based on. All of the animal enclosures are in the grounds of the house, so it's a lot more of a relaxed atmosphere than with big commercial wildlife parks.

I managed to grab a couple of pictures on my iPhone, as I wasn't willing to drag out my new SLR in the wet weather! The little bear looked fluffy enough to cuddle...

I also spent a lot of quality time with the family, which was really nice - especially as I have younger sisters. While I was at home, I actually managed to finish making the baby of the family a new summer dress. Thankfully, she loved it!

On Easter Sunday, we headed to the beach. When I lived in Cornwall, I completely took for granted how lucky I was to live so close to the coast. These days, when I get back I really make the most of it.

Again, while it was a little on the grey side, we had a fantastic time with the dogs. As you can see from the pics, they were more than happy to jump around in the water! 

When I wasn't running around seeing family and friends, I of course, was over indulging. I actually received 6 Easter eggs for Christmas (some of which you can see below). Wish me luck as I attempt to conquer them, while also trying to slim down for my sunshine summer break! 

Wish me luck! 


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