Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Couch to 5k - Week 4!

I'm a little late on my week four post, but I fell out of my pattern of running on alternate days dye to having loads on. No excuse, I know!

Anyway, if you read my post for week 3, you'll know that the runs were still quite short - switching between 90 seconds and 3 minutes in length, with equal walks in between to break it up. In the last week however, 90 seconds are cut out completely and its all about picking up the pace.

Week 4 consists of the standard five minute warm up, 3 minute run, 90 second walk. Then, the runs are extended to 5 minutes, followed by 2 and a half minute walk, 3 minute run, a little 90 second break - and finishing off with a 5 minute run again.

The first run was, admittedly a bit of a shock to the system. That said, I can't determine whether that was on account of it being a few days since I'd run, or because it was slightly harder than it had been before. Either way, and gross as it sounds, I was pretty sweaty finishing and ready to just collapse into bed.

While the first run was a bit of a struggle, the subsequent ones I actually found really enjoyable. While it may just be the sign of improvement, I think this probably also has something to do with the way that I've been mixing up my running locations. I'm nervous about running in the dark, so where I haven't been able to get out before nightfall, I've headed to the gym instead. For some reason, I run considerably better on a treadmill as I can control my pace so much better. While it may also be my preference, I think it's been good to mix that up with outside running - given that's what I'll be doing come race day!

Having completed the fourth round, I was feeling pretty proud of my progress. The jump was more of a shock this week, but it was doable and it really showed me what I could achieve when I put my mind to it.

All in all, another success and so far I'm enjoying week 5 too. Bring on race day!


  1. Well done with the program so far! I'm hoping to do Race For Life this year and I'm starting training next week, I'll definitely be giving this a go! :) x

    1. It's helped me so much, and I can really see my progress which is fantastic. I'm planning on doing the Race for Life too :) you should find this really helpful x