Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The Couch to 5k - Week 3!

On Friday, I completed Week 3 of NHS Choices' Couch to 5k programme. Much as the girly night I had planned was beckoning, I felt like I really had to get my run done before I could truly enjoy my weekend.

As I have said before, I found week 1 and 2 of the programme to be quite enjoyable and thankfully not too taxing. In Week 3, you build on what you have already achieved as the runs become slightly longer. Instead of the 90 second runs followed by 2 and a half minute walks in Week 2, the third week involves two repetitions of 90 second runs, 90 second walks, 3 minute runs and 3 minute walks.

I found this to be quite a nice little jump, pushing me a little bit harder but by no means exhausting me. Initially, I did feel a flick of panic that my runs would be that bit longer, but I knew I could manage it. When I was younger, I used to run three times a week and I still jump on the treadmill from time to time in the gym. For me the Couch to 5k was about maintaining consistency, and not flaking out when I got a bit out of breath.

This week, I found the runs went much more quickly. The three minutes flew by, and it was easy to keep going, because I knew I had a good break between sets if I got tired. I did one of the runs with my boyfriend, and we were quite surprised at how quickly we actually completed it. This week, the new tip was to try not to waste too much energy by letting your head bob around to much. It was quite handy having another head to watch, and I got weirdly competitive in trying to keep mine more still than his!

All in all, Week 3 was a success, and it will be interesting to see what Week 4 brings!


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