Monday, March 30, 2015

My top Blogger apps

If you missed the #lbloggers chat on Sunday night, well then you did miss out. Hosted by Lynsey Macdonald, the focus was on how to balance blogging with other commitments. As someone who is currently tripping, sometimes unsuccessfully, to manage their blog around a 9-5 job, regular exercise regime and getting ready to move house, this topic was right up my street.

The conversation quickly turned to which are best blogging apps to use, and I've compiled an overview of these below; 


Wunderlist is one app that emerged as being particularly popular among bloggers. Having not used it previously, I was quick to head over to the App Store to check out the description. 

Basically, Wunderlist enables users to compartmentalise their to do list into a number of categories and tick them off as they're completed. You can also attach pictures, PDFs and presentations - very snazzy.

Voted 'Mac App of the Year 2013', it's unique in the sense you are also able to share your lists with other people in your life and delegate tasks to them (when you buy the additional add-on for approx £4.99). No more excuses for your boyfriend to forget to put a load of washing on. 


While in theory, this is a great idea, it's not the app for me. I'd much prefer to scribble down my jobs on a notepad if anywhere, rather than storing it in an app which - let's face it - I'm likely to completely forget about. 

Considering I only ever use the built in iPhone reminders app when I'm tracking  fivlthe plates I've had at Yo Sushi all you can eat, I can't see me using this one much.


Hootsuite is one of my favourites. It allows users to schedule tweets, across multiple accounts, keeping in touch with followers whatever they're doing. You can manually choose to when to post or set the app to post your message at popular times.

You are able to choose times at five minute intervals, and there doesn't appear to be a limit to how many tweets you can line up. 


The best app for a busy blogger! Hootsuite is perfect for coinciding with scheduled blog posts - so even when I'm stuck in a two hour meeting, I can let my followers know when they can expect some new material. It's also really user friendly, which is a bonus.


When I listed this as one of my favourite apps, a lot of bloggers hadn't heard of it. Linked with Crowdfire, the TakeOff app allows you to schedule Instagram posts - which seemed to me to be a rare find.

You choose a photo and write your option description as you would on Instagram, and then rather than click post, you schedule it. Once it hits the scheduled time, you'll get a reminder to post you picture - and you get taken through Instagram and given the chance to add filters etc.


While it's great in theory, you are only reminded to post at the scheduled time - it's not done for you. As such, if you miss the notification that it's time, you post will staying hanging in the drafts section. 

TakeOff isn't quite so self sufficient as Hootsuite, but it's still a handy tool and worth giving a try. 

Last but not least....


The app which allows me to blog on the go wherever I may be - and brings you this blog post.

Happy reading guys!

What are your favourite blog apps? Drop me a line in the comments below.


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