Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Brightening up with a Barry M mani!

Nail varnish is my thing. After throwing away all my polishes as a young teenager as I decided I hated the smell, I've since acquired an impressive collection which extends into the hundreds. One for every occasion and everything...

Lately I've been neglected my nails/letting them recover/doing too many things to be impeded by wet nails - this leaving my talons bare. 

However, with the onset of spring, I thought it was time to inject a pop of colour into my manicure with a little help from Barry M. A vast number of my polishes are Barry M, to the extent that there's only a few now I can buy - because I have most of them! 

Barry M polishes are really affordable, with prices starting from just £2.99, and the quality is great. Their most recent addition is the Speedy Dry collection, so you can nail that manicure super fast - and their Gelly collection offers super shine and extra protection against chipping.

For this look, I went with two Gelly nail varnishes. 

Normally orange isn't for me, but Papaya is more of a coral shade. It always makes me feel summery and I think it looks great against my pale skin.  I applied two coats to all apart from my ring finger.

Coconut is a slightly off white shade. I tend to use this more for accent nails or underneath glitter polishes, as I think you have to be really really meticulous when applying whites neatly - and I never have time! This is two coats.

To cover Coconut, I used one of the glitter polishes from the Aquarium collection. Treasure Chest is made up of gold glitter flecks of all different shapes and sizes - rather than teeny tiny spots that you layer up for a really glittery nail. I love this effect.


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