Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My new novel way to stop making exercise excuses!

When the New Year kicked off, I was feeling in definite need of some sort of detox. I purchased a blender, upped my fitness game and made healthier food choices.

I lost weight and felt better, but after a couple of weeks away from the gym due to personal injury and sickness, I became accustomed to my nights in front of the telly in my pyjamas. 

See the problem I have is not doing my fitness regime - it's keeping it consistent. I was looking for a challenge that I couldn't skip out on, so I thought I'd try the Couch to 5k.

Devised by NHS Choices, it has been specifically put together to help new runners to develop their race stamina - and ultimately run 5k in 30 minutes without stopping. 

While I used to go running as a teenager, and I often hop on the treadmill in the gym, I've failed to completely get on board with it. I'm the person who stops when their breath gets tight and wants to walk the rest of the way. That said, I decided that it was time that I fully embraced the benefits of the cardio exercise, and have running another bash - properly.

I downloaded the podcasts (only to later find there was an app - allowing you to listen to your own music while still receiving the instructions), and on Saturday off I went for my first run of week one. The routine consisted of a brisk 5 minute walk, and then alternating between 60 seconds running and 90 seconds walking - and it builds up each week. After my first run, I felt great. While a little hot and sweaty, I didn't feel exhausted and was keen for my next go. 

When Tuesday came around (you're supposed to give yourself a days rest at least) I was raring to go, and again felt great afterwards. So good in fact, I decided to sign up to my first ever 5k run.

The Blacklight Run is not that different to the well known Colour Run. However, the paint powder that is thrown at you in this instance shows up under UV lighting. As you run, you collect more paint at each point you pass, and all your colours show up in their Blacklight UV zones around the track. At the end you attend an After Party (included in the ticket price), which unsurprisingly involves more paint being thrown at you!

I thought it was a novel idea, so I set about recruiting friends to join in too. With just six weeks til the race and 8 weeks left of my Couch to 5k programme there was no time for slacking a just what I needed!

So last night, I completed day three of week one (screw the day break I was feeling determined!), and week two will commence on Thursday. Initially, after my first couple of runs I did wonder how I was going to fit three runs a week around my other commitments. However, with a colourful goal ahead of me, I now have no excuse.

While I'm in no doubts about how difficult if could be, I'm excited to get together with friends and get stuck into an activity which slightly healthier than our usual wining and dining!

So, wish me luck on my journey as I attempt to put a block on any exercise excuses I may come up with as I go for gold - or rainbow. You can keep up with my progress here! 


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