Monday, February 02, 2015

My incredible ASOS buy!

Despite the fact that we've only just had Christmas, when payday came around this month, I already had a handful of new things I wanted to buy! Probably down to, not so much greed, but a spending habit...

Anyway, what I've really wanted for ages is a new pair of boots. In fact, I've probably been looking for the perfect pair since 2013 - when I left my job at a popular shoe shop and my re moaning store discounts were burning a hole in my pocket. Still, I couldn't find anything 'just right' (the remaining discounts were in fact spent on new job work shoes - fun fun).

Then I came across the Public Desire shoe section. The 'Nora' boot was everything I'd been looking for, so imagine my displeasure when I found it was out of stock. I messaged the company asking about new supplies - to no avail.

So I started trawling the internet for copies... And I found them on ASOS. The objects of my affection were a snazzy pair of 'Truffle Platform Nora Suedette Chelsea Boots'. Usually priced at £38, they'd been reduced to £25 and were in my size!

I excitedly added them to my shopping bag, decided I couldn't wait longer than 24 hours for them and chose Next Day Delivery. Well, when you've saved £13...

The ASOS delivery service is FANTASTIC, and despite not ordering them til gone 7, they were at my doorstep by 3pm the next day. And luckily for me (given they are to wear to a special occasion tonight!), they are a perfect fit.

So, the moral of this blog post is not to give up on that favourite fashion find. Just because one company is telling you they don't have your product, that's not to say somewhere else can provide you with the imitation. And if you're looking for a gorgeous pair of platform boots - you now know exactly where to go! 


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  1. Hi hello!

    I´ve arrived here looking for Nora by Truffle shoes in Google imagenes, and I´m thinking to buy it...I want to know if the´re confortable and if with the time of wear it did u feel any foot pain haha.

    I´ve been searching for a bit more of more leg, but I think this ones are nice.

    Thanks a lot, and all the best from Spain!