Friday, February 06, 2015

Benefit Cosmetics Rollerlash Review!

Now I know I'm not the first beauty blogger to write a review of the Rollerlash, but I wanted to give this a fair trial before I shared my thoughts.

As a big fan of Benefit Cosmetics, I was ecstatic that I'd been able to grab a sample of their newest mascara before it hit the shelves with Elle magazine. I really love Benefit's 'They're Real' and on that basis alone, I couldn't wait to try their latest product.

When I went to purchase my Elle copy, I was pleasantly surprised to find the sample was a very reasonable size. You're able to get a real taste for the product, as it isn't going to run out in a few days. 

I've been using my Rollerlash for over a week now, and on the whole I am really impressed. The brush is thin and curved, and allows you to guide it through your lashes and achieve full coverage - as well as getting those pesky corner lashes too!

I have super straight lashes, but found this added a little curl and with it, almost opened up my eyes a bit more. This also might have something to do with the fact it's super black, so it draws a little more attention to my peepers.

It does tend to be long lasting, although I've also found this to be a bit of a pain. I do struggle to take it off completely in the evenings - but maybe I'm being a bit enthusiastic with my number of coats. I also found it's not so easy to use on my bottom lashes. Coating from tip is hard, and the tiny little brush means I have to add a few coats.

On the whole though, I am impressed with Rollerlash. I'm not sure if it beats They're Real - but perhaps I need to do a little more testing. Regardless, it is another great addition to the Benefit range, and something I will no doubt pick up again.


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