Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Body Shop 'Drops of Youth' - Bouncy Sleep Mask

A couple of weeks ago on a girly shopping trip, I wandered into the Body Shop for a bit of a post payday browse. I'm a real fan of their products - having reviewed some of my favourites on here - and it's always fun to see what's new.

When I popped in on this occasion however, it was all a little bit on the unusual side. I appeared to have walked in on a staff mufti day in full swing - with a nightwear theme! Gone were the standard uniforms, and in their place, dressing gowns, pyjamas and big fluffy slippers! Immediately, I began to bonder whether my own boss could get on board with similar work attire (my bet is no!).

However, given a glance round the store, it soon became apparent that this was not so much a fashion choice but all part of the launch campaign for a new collection of products. This, my friends, is the 'Drops of Youth' range. Centred around anti-aging, the various products claim to keep skin looking youthful by targeting wrinkles.

While I don't feel like I am quite at the stage where I need to introduce anti-aging products into my general beauty routine (hoping anyway!), keeping my skin in good condition is really important to me - so I was still really intrigued by the collection. One of the sales assistant kindly handed me a sample of the Bouncy Sleep Mask, and I was keen to see what the hype was about.

The Bouncy Sleep Mask is designed to help restore your skin to it's natural best while you snooze. After a particularly restful nights sleep on Monday, by the time I got back from work on Tuesday I was in dire need of some R&R. And so I thought it was the perfect time to give the treatment a try. 

I followed my usual makeup removal routine, and set about checking the instructions. I got a little booklet with my sample, detailing the massage technique you should use to apply the mask. This includes 'Under the clouds' (rubbing the mask back and forth into the nose area) and 'Pitter Patter' (rubbing in semi circle shape around your face). I loved the massage routine. It's so easy to follow, and by the end I felt completely relaxed. 

The next morning (after a better sleep, finally!), I went to check out my visage. While there wasn't a huge visual difference, but my skin definitely felt softer - particularly some areas where I'd been suffering with a bit of dryness. Winter... Urgh!

I did really enjoy giving this a go, although I wish I'd had a little more product to work with - as the sample was single use. That said, I was impressed enough that I'd pick this up again. It definitely adds a little more to your routine when you're having a little facial massage at the end of the day - not something I normally do! 

Have you tried the Bouncy Sleep Mask? What did you think? 


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