Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Body Shop: Vitamin C Skin Reviver

This little product is one I have wanted to share with you for a while. Body Shop describes it on their website as a beauty gem, and I can't help but agree.

I picked this up (among a few other things) at a friend's Body Shop party because, quite frankly, I think it would have been rude to leave empty handed. If you haven't been to a Body Shop party, it simply involves a representative from the company coming to your house and showing you, and some of your best girlfriends, the current range - as well as giving you a heads up about some fab new items coming soon. You get to try before you buy, while also catching up with your pals. And if you're really lucky, like I was, you'll be invited to a party where the host will have made some amazing brownies and other sweet treats to indulge in while we perused the catalogue. Perfect!

Normally I would do a little bit of research to scope out which products I'd like to give a try, but this time, I was totally unprepared - or open minded about what I should buy. The Skin Reviver was actually something which was recommended to be my the Body Shop representative - and after a further look, I was sold.

The Body Shop website explains that is best used on dull skin, as helps to boost natural radiance. It can be used as a base under makeup or, alternatively on its own. Our representative said that she often chose to wear it alone, as she loved the way it gave her skin a little glow without heaviness of foundation. It contains Brazil nut oil,  and while this does add a little bit of moisture, you aren't left with an oily finish.

When I squirted some of this out to try, I first noticed the lovely zesty orange scent. For someone who normally hates that smell, this was a small triumph. Secondly, that the light orange formula, has teeny tiny glittery specks in it. So far so good. I tried to capture it in the picture below.

Upon rubbing it into my skin, I was surprised that it seemed to have some pore minimising qualities. My skin was left with a really smooth finish, providing the perfect base for make up. While I wouldn't describe my skin as dull, it can get a little dry, so this was great to add moisture and perk it up a bit. I would warn though, don't get too overexcited with this. A small amount does go a long way, and its better to under apply and top up - than have too much.

This retails at £15. That may sound a little dear, but I was really pleased with. I think it is a great Winter product, as skin take a bit of a beating in the colder months - so I think adding a bit of this after using your daily moisturiser would provide some extra protection. Also, it is such a lightweight formula, that I think it'd be perfect for Summer too. In hot weather, I hate plastering on foundation, so this could be a perfect alternative on a good skin day.

Have you tried it? What did you think?


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