Thursday, December 04, 2014

How to get ready for Christmas without turning into a raving lunatic!

As much as I may profess otherwise, the honest truth is that I really can be one unorganised lady. I’m the girl who has great intentions of being early, but is always scrambling for my handbag and heading for the door minutes before I have to be somewhere!
There never seems to be enough hours in the day, and if one thing is going to creep up on you without warning - it’s Christmas. As a woman whose been known to do the Christmas shop on the 23rd December, this year I vowed to be different.
Here are my top tips;
Manage your funds • Its a sad reality that there are only 3 pays from the end of summer until December - make sure you’re not rubbing pennies together come the end of November!
Make sure you get an advent calendar • Whoever told you you’re too old for an chocolatey countdown is wrong, just wrong. 
Nag your relatives (and whoever else might be on your gifting lift) • In my experience there’s two types of people; the person with a list that goes on for miles, and the person who doesn’t know. In the case of the former, you’ve lucked in and have your pick of possible gifts at different prices. For the latter? Threaten with no presents - see where that gets you.
Get online and find the best discounts • This year has seen me do some super savvy shopping! While the Black Friday deals may now be over, but there’s no reason you can’t still grab a pre Crimbo bargain. My top tip once you find something you want to buy is to use the Shopping feature on Google - and see where the cheapest place is you can buy it. Bingo!
Beware of expected delivery dates • I’ve made the fatal error of not checking - cue: presents arriving on the 27th and disgrunted family members!
Don’t stash you presents away too well! • This year I almost managed to buy my mum’s Christmas present twice, as I managed to forget the box I put together to store all the prezzies. Don’t hide them too well, but be careful enough to keep them away from snoops!
Christmas goodies • If you’re anything like me, you’re all about the food! Make sure whoever is in charge of the shopping makes sure that they have a clear list of all the best bits - including the booze!
Finally… ENJOY!

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