Sunday, December 07, 2014

eos Smooth Spheres Lip Balms

The first time I saw an eos Smooth Sphere was in a Miley Cyrus music video, and my first thought was that this must be some expensive American lip product big in Tinseltown. 
So, imagine my surprise when I popped into Urban Outfitters this weekend to find that they have a whole range of flavours. The best bit? They are just a snip at £6 each! You could build up an impressive collection without breaking the bank - and that sounds just fab to me. 
After perusing the display, I settled for ‘Passionfruit’ which comes in a light purple sphere. I was barely out of the shop before I ripped off the packaging to give it a go. Immediately, I was really impressed!
If you’re the sort of girl who always has a pot of Vaseline in the handbag, you MUST agree that while the product is great it can be a massive pain to have to apply it with your finger. The ball shape of the balm means these are so easy to apply, and get even coverage. 
What I really like about my eos sphere is that it’s ‘subtle’ - for want of a better word. eos stands for ‘Evolution of Smooth’, and I really think they have evolved the balm formula so that your lips are moisturised without being saturated with gloss. There really isn’t any greasiness either and this is a must for me; there is nothing worse than applying a slightly shiny lip balm and stepping outside to find there are gale force winds - and your hair is now stuck fast to it.
I also really loved the fruity smell. There are so many other interesting flavours of these spheres, that I really would have loved for there to be a few testers that I could look at first. I was quite intrigued by Vanilla Mint - but had some reservations about the possibility of feeling like rubbed some polos round my mouth. Maybe that will be my next one!
I am thoroughly impressed with this product and have yet to find a flaw. I think the way that they are packaged is a real novelty, and there are so many varieties - I can’t see me getting bored soon!
Have you guys tried them? Let me know what you think…

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