Monday, November 03, 2014

No7 Match Made Lipstick Service

On Saturday, during some pre holiday shopping, I made a little pit stop at Boots to try out the new Match Made Lip Service.
I have quite pale skin, so I normally spend a fair amount of time poring over the beauty aisles looking for a lippy that doesn’t wash me out. When I heard about this new service, I was really keen to see which shades I would be matched with.
I went to the Portsmouth branch, and was served by a really friendly lady called Jade. She wiped off some of my foundation and then used the device to find my perfect skin tone. She then found the matching No7 Foundation, and reapplied it where she had rubbed mine off.
From the existing match, she found that my skin tone fell into the ‘Calico’ group. There are two types of lipstick; Moisture Drench and Stay Perfect. Moisture Drench is a moisturising satin finish lipstick with SPF 15, while Stay Perfect is a strong colour which lasts for up to 8 hours.
Initially, I thought there would be a single match for each skin tone, so I was pleasantly surprised to find there were actually 19 colours to choose from. Jade then asked me which ones I wanted to try. I probably picked out around 4 colours at first, and these were all brought out for me to try. The first one I tried on was really not my colour - a fuschia pink that was just too bright!
After exchanging some concerned looks with my boyfriend (who kindly escorted me and helped me with the colour choosing), I moved from the pink shades to coral. The tones were a bit more muted, which I think is the best for me. Eventually, the colour I selected was Auburn Whisper.
Its a cool rouge colour, and I think it really adds a bit of colour to my face. It is from the Stay Perfect range, and the natural colour combined with matte finish really works for me.
I would definitely recommend using the service; there is something quite exciting about having your own tailor made makeup. For the service that is provided, I don’t think the lipstick is too expensive. That said, I probably be buying every shade!

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