Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Homemade Kimono!

Over the summer, I spent ages trawling through shops and across the internet to find myself the perfect kimono. 
I wanted a nice patterned navy blue one, with a little bit of fringing on the bottom. I know this sounds a tall order and just a little bit specific, but stocked one just like it - though I sadly was a bit too late in getting to pick one up.
A little while after this, I came across a photo on Facebook from an especially creative friend who had whipped up her own. It was made of a light chiffon material with a floral pattern, and I was really impressed. I asked about how she had created it, and she directed me to Elle Apparel’s blog.
I was still a little in doubt about my own abilities, but I headed over to her page for a little look anyway. Elle’s blog is fantastic; I’m a sewing novice, but her instructions are so clear and concise that even I found it possible to follow.
Armed with Elle’s instructions, I set about finding myself the perfect fabric. Elle used a silky fabric, and typically I favoured these when I looked online. However, my skills weren’t up to scratch so I thought I might do better cutting up material that was slightly less slinky.
After some consideration I went with a nice floral material. Elle seems to cut hers out straight from the fabric, but I chose to make a newspaper pattern first. That way, I had something to go by if I decided to make another. From start to completion, I’d say it took me maybe two weeks. Thought I have to admit, I didn’t donate all that time to the sewing machine.
All in all, I’m really pleased with my end product. I had a few bumps along the road, and my ability to cut in a straight line is a little lacking! That said, I am really pleased with my first attempt and I’ve had a few compliments from friends - and even one order!
If you want to find out how to make your own, head over to Elle’s blog at:

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