Thursday, November 06, 2014

My Holiday Essentials - The Perfect Face Base!

If you’re an avid reader of my Twitter feed (I tweet under ‘@amorellie_’, if you aren’t already following), you will know that this week I have traded in busy city life for a little break away. While I’m enjoying a restful few days, I’m also trying to give my skin a little bit of a break.
In my normal day to day, I am definitely guilty of wearing more makeup than I need sometimes. It’s not that I have particularly bad skin, but I am just into my routine of applying foundation and powder every day - even at weekends. I’d probably it more down to a confidence thing, and liking having my ‘warpaint’!
This week however, I’ve been trying to give my visage a little break. That said, there are three little products that I haven’t quite been able to say no to. 
Bourjois Paris 123 Perfect CC Cream - retailing at £9.99
This one was a complete chance buy. I’d been looking at trying out BB creams, but was taken in by this instead. It’s ‘Colour Correcting’, containing green, apricot and white pigments to create an even finish and toning down any redness. It’s very hydrating and also contains SPF 15. I love this as an alternative to foundation as it is such a lightweight formula, and does wear quite well. This is a perfect little holiday companion, as its more like a clever tinted moisturiser. It affords me coverage without feeling thick on the skin - giving my face a little chance to breathe. 
Body Shop Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm in Watermelon - retailing at £2.00
A friend included this in a lovely little birthday hamper of beauty bits she had picked up for me, and it’s now a permanent fixture in my makeup bag! With the weather getting colder, these are great for keeping your lips in tip top shape. It also helps that they smell amazing - I’m loving the Watermelon one.
Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Coral - retailing at £16.00
This second Body Shop product, and was recommended to me by a friend. I wanted a bronzer that was multi tonal and not too far on the orange side. This shade is great for my pale skin, and this week I’ve just been lightly dusting it over my cheekbones in favour of my best Benefit blusher. I’d never spent this much on a bronzer before, but I would definitely use this again. I’ve had this for about three months now, and it still looks barely used. I would thoroughly recommend this, and it also comes in Bronze and Blush to suit all skin tones and requirements.
What are your favourite holiday products?

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