Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Barry M Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Let’s get things straight; I’m a huge eyeliner fan. Lining my lids is, I consider, a vital part of my daily beauty regimen and I can’t see that changing.
As a result, I’m always striving to find the best. The longest wearing, boldest in colour, easiest to apply… It’s a tall order. That said, when I had the opportunity to try out this product, I was suddenly reluctant.
I was a first introduced to gel eyeliners when a friend showed me one she had bought. I’ve always favoured the chunky felt tip pen style liners, which offer you great control when applying. In particular, I’m partial to the Maybelline Master Pencil…
This product looked flimsy in comparison, and I was convinced that it would be much harder to define my lashes with a spindly little brush.
I’m fact, I was pleasantly surprised. The brush, which is tucked in the lid, is quite stiff (though not scratchy on the eye) so it is really easy to get a clear straight line. A small dip in the gel goes a long way, and there’s great staying power. If, like me, you find yourself touching up your makeup in the middle of the day, it’s really easy to apply a best second coat - without taking off half of the first!
The product retails at £5.49 in Boots, which I’d consider really quite reasonable. I’ve been using it for a month, and it still looks barely touched. The benefit of this product over it’s ‘felt tip’ style competitors is that the boldness isn’t likely to fade after a while, when the liquid starts to run out. Overall verdict? Definitely worth a buy!

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