Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Barry M Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Let’s get things straight; I’m a huge eyeliner fan. Lining my lids is, I consider, a vital part of my daily beauty regimen and I can’t see that changing.
As a result, I’m always striving to find the best. The longest wearing, boldest in colour, easiest to apply… It’s a tall order. That said, when I had the opportunity to try out this product, I was suddenly reluctant.
I was a first introduced to gel eyeliners when a friend showed me one she had bought. I’ve always favoured the chunky felt tip pen style liners, which offer you great control when applying. In particular, I’m partial to the Maybelline Master Pencil…
This product looked flimsy in comparison, and I was convinced that it would be much harder to define my lashes with a spindly little brush.
I’m fact, I was pleasantly surprised. The brush, which is tucked in the lid, is quite stiff (though not scratchy on the eye) so it is really easy to get a clear straight line. A small dip in the gel goes a long way, and there’s great staying power. If, like me, you find yourself touching up your makeup in the middle of the day, it’s really easy to apply a best second coat - without taking off half of the first!
The product retails at £5.49 in Boots, which I’d consider really quite reasonable. I’ve been using it for a month, and it still looks barely touched. The benefit of this product over it’s ‘felt tip’ style competitors is that the boldness isn’t likely to fade after a while, when the liquid starts to run out. Overall verdict? Definitely worth a buy!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

NUXE Paris Crème Fraiche® de Beauté Mask

I received this in October’s fantastic Pop Art themed Glossybox (sit tight for a review on that one!), and having never heard of NUXE Paris before I was a bit intrigued.
In the last week, my skin has been really struggling to adjust to the change in season. I have combination skin slightly leaning to being oilier, but I have had a real issue clearing up some dryness around my cheeks. When this landed on my doorstep, I was keen to give it a whirl and see if it could help improve it.
Containing plant milks, it is a 24 hour moisturising mask which claims to nourish and soothe even the driest of skin types – leaving your face looking positively radiant! The directions state that you should apply it to your face and then leave for approximately ten minutes, before rubbing any excess further into your skin.
When I used the mask, I was sure to use an ample amount in the hopes it would give me the best results. It smells quite floral, which bodes well for something that you’re going to leave on your face for a little while. When the ten minutes was up, I smoothed in the rest of the moisturiser as in instructed.
The next day, I could see a clear difference in my skin. The eczema like dryness on my cheeks had visibly reduced, and they started to feel much softer. Impressed by the results, I used the product again the same evening, and am pleased to announce that two days later my skin is back to normal!
I really wasn’t expecting to be so impressed with a product from a brand I had never even heard of before, but the results speak for themselves. This is a fantastic rescue treatment, and one I will definitely be relying on in these colder months.
It retails at £19.50, and while I would usually consider this a little pricey based on the results I have observed I would definitely recommend trying this if you’re suffering with skin dryness. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

L’Oreal Colour Protect Caring Shampoo and Conditioner

When I received these, I have to admit I was just expecting another run of the mill shampoo and conditioner with all the big claims and nothing in the way of performance.
Before trying this combo I had never really used L’Oreal on my hair before, but I am completely converted! It’s a specially formulated protecting shampoo which claims to maintain up to 80% of colour - even after 28 washes. I started to use this after getting some blonde highlights added to my hair, and have to say it really is true to its word.
Even though it’s been about a month since I got my hair done, I’m really impressed with how this has helped me keep the colour. There was an initial colour fade at first, but this just allowed the highlights to settle and look a bit more natural in my hair. My highlights are still looking good for Autumn!
 Typically when I’m browsing the aisles for new hair products, I do love to pop the lid and check they smell good.  This one has a really good scent, and keeps my hair fresh between washes. It’s really important for me that hair products keep my locks feeling really soft, and this one is really nourishing.
When you are blow-drying, straightening, and colouring you definitely want products you can rely on and this one gets top marks from me!
I would recommend using this with the Loreal Mythic Oil, which I reviewed with the September Glossybox here: http://goo.gl/Vmi3m2

Sunday, October 12, 2014

L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Anti Fatigue Perk-up Cream

I was really pleased to be sent this, which claims to be ‘you’re new handbag hero to be used anywhere and everywhere’.
At first glance, I really liked the packaging of the product. L’Oreal have used summery orange and pink sunset style shades on the tube and, with added SPF 20 I think this helps to market it as a great little holiday moisturiser.
I applied it this on my clean cleansed face in the morning, and I was quite surprised at the difference it made to the general appearance of my skin. What it doesn’t say on the packaging (or at least from what I can see!) is that the moisturiser as a slight tint to hit, which improves any dullness and is really rejuvenating. However, this does mean you need to pay a bit of extra attention to make sure that you have rubbed it all in properly!
It’s a really light formula, and claims to keep your skin feeling moisturised for 24 hours.  While I’m not sure the moisture stayed quite that long, it is, nonetheless, a good little product. I would describe it more as light BB cream though.
It retails at £11.99.

Barry M Nail Varnish

I am a huge nail varnish hoarder, and Barry M nail polishes definitely make up a large proportion of my collection. I’ve been loving their latest shades, and have already stocked up on a few – including the new Glitterati and Aquarium polishes (as can be seen on my Instagram!). This week however, I purchased another three polishes I have had my eye on for a little while…
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Coconut – retailing at £3.99.
I’m a big fan of the Gelly collection and the glossier formula, but I was particularly drawn to this one. I tend to steer clear of neutral whiter shades, but really loved that Coconut is a little bit creamier and so not quite as harsh.
I applied two coats of this, and it seemed to be thick enough. Unlike some pale colours, the coats went on really nicely to leave a full block colour. It has such a shiny finish, and is perfect for wear alone – or as a base for some funky nail art!
Barry M Vintage Violet – retailing at £2.99.
Vintage Violet is one of the new shades that Barry M have added to their classic collection for Autumn, and I can definitely see it being one of my top polishes for the season. I haven’t got a polish quite like this one, which is a subtle violet with a greyish tone. It’s a really versatile shade, and adds a much needed pop of colour as we move into the colder months. My favourite!
Barry M Masquerade – retailing at £2.99.
I love the name of this nail varnish, which is another new addition to the classic collection. It’s a mix of turquoise, purple and gold glitter and would be perfect for layering over the above polishes. I found it really easy to apply this evenly across the nail, and when the coats dry it doesn’t leave the scratchy feel you can get from some varnishes. It’s a really great glitter combination in the run up to Christmas, and I will definitely be glitzing up with this for the festivities!
 I created this with my new polishes;

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

GLOSSYBOX - September 2014

I thought I would start my voyage into beauty blogging by talking about one of my favourite little beauty indulgences. Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription, and upon signing up you will receive 5 deluxe samples right to your door - can’t argue with that!
The box I received this month was one of my favourites. In light of London Fashion Week, the top of the box had been specially designed by Karen Millen. I’m loving the funky watercolour drawings of London’s best loved landmarks.
So far, three of my samples have made it onto my beauty shelf as favourite new products;
L’Oreal Mythic Oil - This retails at £15.95 for 125ml.
 I was slightly apprehensive about trying this, as I’ve used other oils before and found they didn’t work for me. I’m pleased to say that this one stood out from the rest, as it didn’t have the greasiness I’d come to expect from other brands. At face value, the oil is a little pricey, but a little does seem to go a long way - as you only need to use this sparingly. It is best applied to damp hair before blow drying, so I work a little through the ends of my hair before styling. The formula leaves my hair feeling more nourished and shiny, and I feel like I am leaving it slightly better protected when using heated appliances. I probably use this a few times a week rather than every wash, but I am really impressed. It’s definitely worth a try if you want to give your locks a little lift!
Nails Inc Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat - This retails at £12 for 10ml.
You will see from my future posts that I am a big lover of nail varnish! My polish collection is into the hundreds, and I still have NO willpower when I see a new one I like. I have a couple of matte polishes, but I love that with this top coat I can easily transform all of colours I already have. As we move into Autumn, I’m definitely going to be putting the sunny glossies away and experimenting with matte. Nails Inc make such great quality polishes, so it was a lovely surprise to find this one in my box this month – bargain!
Skin PEP Brightening Enzyme and Acid Peel – This retails at £89.99 for 180ml.
Skin PEP Dark Circle Eraser – This retails at £44.99 for 15ml.
I also received a couple of sachets of this, as well as their Dark Circle Eraser. I’ve never tried any sort of acid peel before, and my immediate impression was that this would be some sort stinging face cream. I am pleased to say I was VERY wrong! This was a perfect little pick me up for my skin, as it removes the dead skin and leaves it looking brighter. I left mine on for about 5 mins, and if it starts to harden you can add a little water to reactivate it. I followed this with moisturiser, and my skin felt loads better. I also saw a noticeable difference with the Dark Circle Eraser eye cream. You only need to use a small amount of this, so I imagine a 15ml bottle would last a while! You massage in until you see eye bags and puffiness has reduced. Witch Hazel and Cucumber are a couple of the 35 active ingredients, which is so soothing for such a sensitive area.
Ordinarily, I don’t think I would pay for either of these in the full size version – it’s really quite expensive and for me it would be a treat product to use every now and again, rather than part of my everyday routine. 
Bring on the box next month - Pop Art style!