My New Year Smoothie Kick


Lately, I've been really getting into blending my own fresh smoothies. After all of the rubbish I tucked into over Christmas (so much cheese!!), I was keen to detox a bit - and it seemed like a really simple way to inject some more goodness into my daily diet.

I've always been a bit of a fussy eater. As a child, I was such a nightmare my best friends mum only cooked me one meal whenever I went round for tea - as it was all she was certain I would eat. As for my own mother, I think she completely despairing about me - and my very particular palate! 

I've come on leaps and bounds from those days and am now much more experimental with my food choices (I eat sushi now for crying out loud!). But, while I now really get a buzz out of cooking and trying new things, I'm still a bit stuck in my ways when it comes to fruit and veg.

So, come the New Year, I decided it was high time to follow the smoothie trend and get blending! I picked myself up a Blend Active machine from my local Asda for just £20 - which I thought was a bit of a steal.

I was particularly drawn to the Blend Active over other products because it seemed so simple to use. You are provided with two 600ml beakers and you just swap the standard lid for one with blades in the top, and - voila! - ready to whip up a treat!

As a result, the product is super easy to clean. You only have to clear off the blade lid, and then the smoothie beaker when you're done. I'd recommend doing the latter soon after you've finished, to avoid there being any stubborn aromas later.  

My top tips

1. Get experimental with your flavours. When I first started looking at recipes for inspiration, I was astounded at some of the ingredients combinations that were being suggested. I actually found though that some of these ended up being my favourites! Examples being Spinach and Apple - and Cucumber, Pineapple and Apple. 

2. Don't get hung on fruit. There's a world of other flavourful possibilities when you throw in some veg as well. Super fruity smoothies are also full or sugar, so it's good to mix it up. So far, I like a veggie base with a blend of fruit to sweeten the taste - but I'm looking to try some full veggie ones in future. 

3. Don't go and buy a smoothie recipe book. You can get tons of inspiration on the big wide web or from pages on Instagram. I follow @SimpleGreenSmoothies, who post loads of great suggestions for your next blend.

4. Try lots of different bases for your smoothies. Unsweetened almond milk and soya milk are great alternatives to your usual semi-skimmed. I often use water as my liquid as well, which is also a healthier choice.

5. Don't get put off by the colours. If you mix bananas and strawberries together it may not look like the most appealing thing you've ever seem, but drink up! The chances are it'll still taste great - even if it looks like baby sick. My colleagues often glance over in disgust at what I'm gulping (and while, once or twice they might have had good reason), generally they've tasted twice as good as they look. Bonus!

I'm still a bit of a novice, but enjoying getting stuck in nonetheless.

Do you make smoothies? What tips could you give me? 


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