My New Year Beauty Resolutions!


1. Stop neglecting impressive nail varnish collection. It's fine to give those mits a few days breather, but they have been neglected lately.

2. Cleanse face more. Face wipes are the most convenient thing in the world but if you're not going to give the visage some extra R&R sometimes, don't complain when you're breaking out and there isn't enough makeup in the world to cover that Mount Vesuvius on your forehead. 

3. On Wednesdays, wear pink. Ha! This is actually just a reference to that good old chick flick Mean Girls. But in all seriousness, a little extra colour in the wardrobe never hurt anyone

4. Drink more. Not in the alcoholic sense, as you don't need those hangovers in your life. Remember that water will better your skin and your smile. Screw you sugar! 

5. Use up existing cosmetics before treating yourself to new ones. It may be the new best thing to get that celebrity flow, but you actually only have one face, a space issue to contend with, and enough moisturisers to last half a year. 

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