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I'm a long standing Herbal Essences fan. I find their products delightfully fruity, and they always seem to leave my hair in great condition. On that basis, when I fell upon this little collection, I was intrigued to see if they lived up to the usual hype.

What is interesting about these, is that they are formulated slightly differently to the other products the brand has on the market. The Clearly Naked collection has been stripped right back to basics, containing no colourant, silicone or paraben. They strive to keep hair hydrated without weighing it down with product.

Shampoo and Conditioner

On first use, I was struck by the scent of these. They are quite a departure from the other combos I've tried in the past, instead containing herbal mint extracts. I found this did put me off a bit, as I found it to be perhaps a little bit of a masculine fragrance - and not what I'd usually go for. Luckily, the conditioner didn't smell quite so strong, so I was pleased that the combination of the two toned it down a little bit!

After blowdrying my hair, I found it was perhaps a little frizzier than normal. The product does claim to give full on lusciousness, so perhaps this was a little side effect! This didn't seem to be such a problem in my subsequent uses, so I'm going to put this down to a blip. That aside, my hair was still super shiny and really quite well nourished. In the cold winter weather, my hair normally takes a real battering, but in using this, I seem to have been able to dispel the usual effects. What is particularly appealing, is that I have managed to do this without completely overloading on a combination of products.

I would definitely use this again, mostly because I can see that the natural formula does work. However, if the scent was slightly different - it would definitely be more appealing!

(Photos courtesy of www.herbalessences.com)

Dry Shampoo

I received the dry shampoo with the shampoo and conditioner, and I was so impressed. I love a dry shampoo; not because I'm a slob when it comes to hair washing (just to add!), but cos' I love the added body a little spritz can give.

When I first tried this, I found that - contrary to the shampoo - I really liked the smell. It's not quite so overpowering, and is almost cooling. I sprayed a little to my roots, smoothed in and brushed out. It did a really great job of absorbing any excess oil in my hair, and didn't leave a unsightly white orb on the top of my head.
(Photos courtesy of www.herbalessences.com)

Honestly, I've always been a bit of a Batiste girl at heart so when I tried this, so I was pretty set on that before I'd even given this one a chance. In light of that, it is perhaps telling that this performed so well. The one thing that might pip this over my favourite brand, is that it does seem to be that little bit better for my locks.

I would definitely pick these products up again. The Shampoo and Conditioner are £2.35 each, and the Dry Shampoo is £2.99 - so it's hardly bank breaking stuff! If you have a vested interest in healthier hair products, I would thoroughly recommend giving this a try.

If you've tried this, let me know what you think!

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