Glossybox UK - January!


On Monday evening, I arrived back from work to find that my Glossybox had been delivered. I've been a subscriber for about a year now, and I've always enjoyed finishing a long day, and coming back to find there has been an unexpected package for me in the post.

This month all of the products were full size, which is always a nice little treat. Most of the products were from brands I hadn't heard of, which is the same scenario as last month - so I was slightly intrigued.

This month I received the following;

MeMeMe - Eye Line Pencil in Clay 

While I've heard of the MeMeMe brand before, I personally haven't actually tried it. I'm a creature of habit, so when it comes to my eye make up I usually stick to a slick of black liquid eye liner and mascara. I tend to stick to black for the eyes, so I am looking forward to trying something a bit more subtle. This retails at £4.

Nicka K New York - Colorluxe Powder Blush

This is such a cute little product. I love that the blusher comes in a pot complete with mirror, and when you unscrew the lid, there is a little powder puff for application. I'm a sucker for something in a nice package, so immediately I was more keen to give this a try. I wasn't initially sure the colour was right for my skin tone, but I'm going to further experiment and see. This retails at 8.95 Euros for 5g.

Jelly Pong Pong - All Over Glow

Again, this is a brand I have heard of but never actually used before. The Glossybox leaflet explains that it is 'packed with micronized pearlescent pigments that catch the light, highlighting the face for a radiant glow that doesn't look glittery'. This is a great product for me, as I am really into illuminating products at the moment. If I really love it, there is also a little voucher for 20% off my next purchse - great! This retails at £10 for 15g.

Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics - Revitalizing Face Toner

I don't have any toner at the moment, so I was glad to receive this one. It contains natural ingredients like calming chamomile, which I definitely consider a pro with skin care. I can be a bit uncommitted when it comes to cleansing and toning regularly, but I am determined to improve - so this will be great. 10.70 Euros for 200ml.

Naked Lips - Organic Lip Balm Superfruits

This is another natural formula, filled with various oils that should keep your pout perfectly moisturised in Winter. If you've been reading my recent posts on social media, you will know that I am always keen to find more protective lip products for the cold weather. I really like the smell of it too, as it actually reminds me of Loveheart sweets! Seems like a great little porduct so far and retails at only 5 Euros.

In this box, I also received a little Green and Blacks Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch - as a little treat for subscribing for a year. 

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