Thursday, April 26, 2018


Can you ever own too many highlighters?

If you answered 'yes' to that question, well then this might not be the right post for you. If you uttered a resounding 'NO', then you'll want to keep on scrolling. For reference when I say 'highlighter', I AM talking about the makeup kind although, it's fair to say that I do also have a bit of an obsession with stationery, so you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

I have two new additions to my makeup collection, both of which are products that I have been meaning to grab for myself for a while and - spoiler alert - I am pretty pleased with them.

First up is the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Illuminating Powder...

Until recently, all I had tried from Tanya's range of products was some lip glosses and a lipstick, which I did really love but seem to have lost. I had heard good things about her highlighters though and the fact that one was named 'Champagne Sorbet' had me sold pretty much immediately.

The other thing that really drew me in was Tanya herself. Her skin always looks absolutely flawless and her makeup looks effortlessly glam without being over the top. If she was using this product, I wanted to be using it too.

On first look, the powder is a textured and shimmy rose gold, packaged in a square plastic metallic case which is perfect makeup bag size. Perfect.

When applied, you are left with this gorgeous shimmer with very subtle flecks of glitter, which catch the light perfectly. I opt for this more if I am doing a daytime makeup look, because it blends well to give me a really beautiful natural glow. That said, it is really easy to build up so it is very versatile.

This powder is priced at just £3.99, which is so affordable.

Next, the Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlighting Palette...

When it comes to highlighting products, I am a big fan of Sleek. The first one I tried was the one included in their contour kit which, a couple of years later, I still use all the time.

This palette burst onto the scene to many rave reviews and so naturally, I was excited to try it out myself. It contains two baked powders, a cream highlighter and silky shimmer powder. I really like that they have combined three different things, so that there is something for everyone. It's also handily packaged in a case complete with mirror and brush, so it is perfect to travel with.

The powders are so pigmented and you can switch them up depending on the kind of glow you're going for. 'Hemisphere', appears quite pink in the pan but, when applied comes out as a glimmering white shade. 'Equinox' gives a warmer shimmer and 'Subsolar' is a bit lighter, but perfect for my skin tone and leaves me with the most beautiful sheen. Easily my favourite of the bunch.

The combination of the powder, over the top of 'Ecliptic' which is the glorious cream highlighter, really gives the wow factor!

From left to right: Champagne Sorbet from the Tanya Burr palette, Hemisphere, Equinox, Ecliptic and Subsolar from the Solstice palette.

Both of the highlighters I have featured here cost less than £10, which I think is incredible for the quality that you receive with the products. The Tanya Burr one is just £3.99 while the Sleek palette costs a very reasonable £9.99. Personally, I have never felt the need to go high end with my highlighters when the high street make them this good.

Have you tried either before? I would love to hear whether you agree with my thoughts...

Thursday, April 12, 2018


On Saturday, it was one year since we bought our house. 365 days since we collected our keys and officially became homeowners. The time has flown by and I can’t quite believe we’ve hit our anniversary in our little abode already. 


Friday, April 06, 2018

4 New Nivea Products I’ve Been Using Lately

As brands go Nivea are pretty reliable, so I’m always keen to try out their latest products. A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky to receive a handful of goodies from them, so I thought I would put together a little roundup post about what I have been using - and how I liked them.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018


When it comes to food, it can be so easy to get stuck in a rut of cooking the same meals, dining out at the same places and sticking to one or two styles of cuisine. I like to experiment and different food - although, I am not the most creative chef myself - so I was thrilled to discover that our latest Southampton bloggers meet up was to be held at Lakaz Maman.


Monday, March 19, 2018

ColourPop Haul: My First Order!

Last week, something wonderful entered my life and that my friends, was my ColourPop order. Ok, so perhaps that was just a little bit dramatic but, after lusting after their products for month, I really was very excited to finally get to try them out for myself.

My Instagram feed has been full of fellow bloggers sharing snaps of their collection, while simultaneously singing the brand's praises, so I knew exactly what I wanted to buy. In fact, it would probably be more accurate to say that the real difficulty came with deciding what not to buy, because I could have added everything a whole lot more to my basket. I rationalised with myself that I should start small and just pick up a handful of things because hey, I could always make another order.

It was the eyeshadow palettes that drew me in the most, so I settled on three; Dream St, You Had Me At Hello and Golden State of Mind.

Billed as their 'dreamiest palette yet', Dream St is the end result of a collaboration with blogger Kathleen Lights and it is fast becoming my day to day favourite.
Contained in this gorgeous rose gold palette are twelve pretty shadows, a combination of  metallics and mattes. What I like the most about this palette, was that it could so easily have just been a mix of golden shades, but including rusty and neon reds as well as bold teals has really livened it up. They aren't shades that I would usually apply, but I am excited to experiment with them as I think the blue-green colours will really work with my brown eyes.

Next up, You Had Me at Hello. I love all of the pinky purple shades in this palette, so it was definitely one I just had to have.
Having giving it a whirl, I think it makes the perfect day to night palette. There are a number of muted shades for you could choose for a more subtle look in the office, but the plums and browns are great for adding a bit more drama. I have a girls night out planned for the bank holiday and while I don't have a clue what to wear yet, I know my makeup will definitely involve this palette.

Golden State of Mind brings the wow factor. If you want glitz, you want this.
Comprised of fifteen shadows, this palette is slightly bigger than the other two I bought, and it has all the glitter. These shades have been formulated to be worn wet although, I have actually dusted a little over my lids after applying matte shadow and the colour pay off is still good.
To get the maximum from this palette though, your brush will need to be a little bit damp. I tend to spray mine with a bit of setting spray.
The lighter shades in this palette will be great to highlight the inner corners of my eyes, while the other shades will complement almost every other shadow I think I have!

I wanted to also try out some of the Lippie Stix. The Glossy Lips did look good, but I knew that I wouldn't get as much wear out of those than I would a matte lip colour.

In the end I picked up Lumiere and Baewatch, which are both matte shades and After Shock, which is a matte x shade.The difference between the two formulas is that the x shades are super matte and designed to give really full coverage. And they definitely do.
After Shock is so much bolder in comparison to the other two that I picked up but pleasantly, it feels really silky on the lips and doesn't dry them out.

I've included some swatches below, to show you how the shades come out. Lumiere is my favourite, but I am sure I will get good use from the others. My only slight issue with the stix was that my lips seemed to be slightly stained after using them, but this was only minimal, so I will give this product the benefit of the doubt!

       From top to bottom: After Shock, Lumiere and Baewatch

All in all, I am very impressed with the bits I picked up and I am sure I will be making another order before long. The newly launched Butterfly Collection, along with a good 87% of the rest of the website is basically calling my name!


Thursday, March 08, 2018


Eyeshadows, mascara, lipsticks, blushers, bronzers, highlighters; it is no secret that I am just a little bit obsessed when it comes to makeup. I'm the type of girl who has her Feel Unique shopping list committed to memory and, while there are no changes there, my focus has shifted a little... to skincare.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Blogging Brunch at Vospers Woolston

If there is one meal I really don't indulge in enough, it's brunch. So, imagine my delight that my very first Southampton Bloggers event was centered around - you guessed it - "brunching".
On Saturday, I headed to Vospers in Woolston. A relatively new addition to the Centenary Plaza, Vospers is a burger bar that has recently expanded it's menu to include a delicious array of breakfasts. Winning!